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    Rolemaster Classic: Script Error on Rolling MMs & Moves for NPCs

    I put this in the Rolemaster section which in retrospect is probably not where it's going to be seen quickly by someone with the right knowledge, so now I'm posting it here.

    When I try to roll MMs or Moves for NPCs either from the CT or directly from the NPC sheet, I'm getting the following error:

    Script Error: [string "rules/scripts/rules_modifiers.lua"]:149: attempt to index a nil value
    PCs roll fine and get the table resolver as normal - both from PC sheet and their entry in the CT.

    No extensions running.

    Attachment 18097

    This is the Move error. ^

    Script Error: [string "rules/scripts/rules_modifiers.lua"]:166: attempt to index a nil value
    This is the MM error. ^

    Note: if I add Movement from Unskilled Actions in Character Law to the NPC sheet, I can roll a MM from there and get the resolver, but the MM and Move rolls from the Main tab and in the CT still throw the script error(s) above.
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    Thanks JohnD. I was able to track it down and fix it. I will try to get the updated version to Smiteworks soon.

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