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    LFP Need 1 Player Sat Morn 10AM CST USA 5E Sandbox/Rage of Demons or Princes of Apoc

    FG License: Ultimate, you don't need a license
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: CST
    Day of week and time: Sat morning CST, 10AM
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
    Term: Long

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Skype

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60?
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3 present, looking for 1 at a time now; if you're a good fit, then we'll look another another 2 players for a total of 6
    Character starting level & equipment: L1-5, your choice; PCs are currently L5
    Character restrictions: Nothing too out there for races; no munchkining

    Details of your scenario: I'm posting this on behalf of our DM, Tom. We've run through Phandelver and now he'd like to build his own campaign and put in pieces and subplots around one of the other big 5E WotC campaigns.

    This is our local group and we're having trouble finding players among folks we know, so want to branch out to the wonderful FantasyGrounds community. I've played with some great people in random games here, so I'm excited to hear of anyone who'd like to play.

    Some familiarity with FG and 5E is required. This is not just a dungeon crawl. Roleplaying encouraged, tactical and interesting combat a good idea.

    Sign up by posting here character ideas.

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    munchkining? I swear I always learn new and creative RPG terms here...

    I had a neat character taking shape in a recent campaign that was turning out to be really fun and interesting. Unfortunately the GM ghosted after the 2nd session, but I've always wanted to continue the characters development. 1st level Archfey Warlock.

    "Finn," an adolescent halfling son a potato farmer, had a chance encounter with a translucent pseudodragon while out wandering the family fields. The tiny dragon (who turned out to be a servant of Titania, Queen of the Summer Court) had taken an interest in young Finn, for reasons unknown. The silent tiny dragon, whom Finn nicknamed: "Archimedes," offered no guidance or any assistance, and only seemed interested in following close by behind Finn wherever he went, always curiously watching. However, that same day, Archimedes did lead Finn to an old wooden tree in the nearby forest that had recently been struck by lightning. There Finn found an oddly misshapen stick that allowed him to cast some simple spells. This new development did not sit well with Finn's more earthly father "Shamus" at all, who cast him off the farm in shame, saying that magic was unnatural and evil. Distraught, Finn's mother begged Shamus to at least let the family mastiff "Baxter" go with him, to offer some sort of protection, along with some simple provisions.

    Finn, unsure and unready for this new adventure set upon him, set out with Baxter and Archimedes. He wondered if it was Archimedes plan all along.
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    FG License: I have a FG Full License
    Frequency: Flex sched, as long as I can still go to class EST.
    Term:Long Term.
    Voice: Discord, Teamspeak, Skype.
    Game Experience:5E
    FG Experience: Moderately experienced, learning.
    Character Type Preferred: I like every class, except ranger.
    About me: Age: 29. I want to try to think creatively instead of being a murder hobo. I want to be a fun player in a friendly group. I get along easily and don't believe in arguing with the DM.

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    This sounds like a great opportunity. Saturdays are completely free for me, I am familiar and comfortable with both 5e and fg, and I have skype. I would prefer to start out at the same level as everyone else, if that's possible. I am a flexible player, and I try to be professional and easy to work with. My favorite classes to play are cleric and warlock, but I would play whatever the party needs. Though I am not a rules lawyer, I am comfortable enough with fg and possibly 5e (I am frequently learning new things) that I can offer help with coding abilities and with how some things work, if said help is needed/wanted. I think I've covered most pertinent things, but please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I know I didn't really offer any character background, but that's just because I don't know what I'd end up playing exactly (whether or not the party needs something in specific for instance). I look forward to your guys' response.

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    Closed for now, thank you.

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    I would be interested in joining if possible.

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    If a spot opens i would be interested

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    I am certainly down for this if it reopens. I've been wanting to try Rage of Demons.

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