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    Low FPS

    I am having a problem with the FPS on dice rolls, it started a couple of weeks ago and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, going into the graphics control panel and turning off AA and several other suggestions from other threads. Has anyone else experienced this or know of a solutions?

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    I have this happen occasionally, and my players complain of it every now and then, but it doesn't happen regularly enough that we've been able to pinpoint exactly what it is. It doesn't appear to amount of stuff loaded as closing things didn't help. Unless of course they werent cleared from memory effectively. *shrug*
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    It is a graphics driver issue. I think the consensus (and I think I have this right) is that it is caused by the FG dice using DirectX 9 which is pretty old. Try going into your graphics control panel (I know you can do this with NVIdia) and change the settings just for FG. Lower them some. Other than AA, I don't think anyone has documented exactly what setting it is that needs tweaking. If you figure it out, I'm sure many would be greatful.

    For instance; here's where to make this change in the Nvidia control panel;
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