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    E-mail RPG

    Hello all,

    I'm a new guy around here and i may not know if this has already been proposed.

    Some friends and I, have begun playing RPG by e-mail more than a year. We are playing over regular e-mail having created rules for subjects (for filtering) etc...

    I really liked this software, and i was wondering if it can be modified to have also a PlayByEmail function!

    The online is fun, but when you don't have time, an e-mail system is very convinient.

    Is this thing possible and feasible?

    For further information on how we play please PM me.

    I would really like to hear comments.



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    I can't visualize how this would work within a product like this... although I admit I haven't done much PBeM.

    As it is you could use the screenshot functionality to take pics of maps with tokens and use that in your emails to add visual elements to your email based game, but I don't know what functionality you could add to the game to make PBeM work using FG.

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    Each player can send a move/text/dice/spell to the others which will be integrated into the story.

    Instead of having instant messaging you can have asynchronous messaging through an e-mail scheme.

    I also have another idea for the Fantasy Grounds if they like it.

    I don't know if they have implemented this, but a character can speak some languages. If an NPC speaks Elvish why not appear some gibberish to players who don't speak Elvish and appear with a different font?

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    This is counter intuitive. Why would you take an exciting option like same time playing across the internet that you all share, or you couldn't send emails, and reduce fgrounds to a Play By Email Editor.

    I think if you can get people to coordinate the time they already spend with planning and working out their moves now, you'd find it much more fun to play online face to face.

    I guess you could use some of the gameboard graphics and then screen capture them to send to all the players but its sort of like winning the lotto and giving away the money after the publicity shot.

    Right now it is difficult to have multiple characters at the virtual table if they aren't actually at the table. Future patches are supposed to make it easier to have multiple characters per player. That might facilitate screen captures to "animate" a PBEM game. You might also do the same with drawn map and digital camera.

    I just absolutely can't imagine wanting to do that after playing online with the program.


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    Well, the answer is that nowadays people don't actually have common free time, or free time at all. But we can cheat 5 minutes from work each day to play a PBeM game.

    If you want a PBeM without the Internet Lists and such its the only solution.

    We created a filtering rule (e.g. RPG All DM) and we play.

    Nothing is more exciting than playing real-time.

    But playing even by e-mail is more exciting than nothing!

    Some games with support rounds actually supported PBeM. Perhaps the word is still limiting the meaning i want to give.

    What i am missing is a Simple Asynchronous Role Playing Game (SARPG) not even by e-mail, even by a different protocol.

    What is your opinion?

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    Have you had a look at Vassal or Cyberboard? These applications are for wargames, but they have a PBEM-feature and with some finagling it might do what you're looking for.

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    I think there are quite a bit of people that play pbem. Not just rpg's either... there are whole companies devoted to such games.

    Just as FG is not as good as sitting around a table with friends playing, pbem would not be as good as FG. But as I've said about FG... it beats not playing at all.

    Having said that, I'm not sure FG is the program to do that. Its built around sharing dice rolls and images with other people on line. What could FG add to pbem? You should be able to share images via web page or message board now and there are dice rolling programs that will send the results via email.

    The only thing I could see FG doing is taking emails text and parcing them into one block of text. Is that what you are looking for??

    BTW... Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving! (For those of us in the US that celebrate it).

    Getting ready to put the Turkey in now... hmmmm....


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