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    Problem to release connection

    Good afternoon, I'm having a problem to do the FG release, when I run the connection test, only fails, taking out port 1802, would there be anything else for me to do configuration? Port, ip, address? Remembering that I'm using the internet via radio. Tks

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    Note: You only need the connection test to work if you are planning to be the game master for the game you are playing. If you are only a player, then you don't need to worry about this.

    FG requires an IPv4 Internet connection set up for port forwarding. In most situations, the connection test fails when port forwarding is not set up completely, due to multiple routing devices being used (cable/DSL modem, router, wireless access point, etc.)

    To check where the issue might be, you can troubleshoot by checking these items:

    1. Same machine test
    * Start FG and load an existing campaign
    * Start a second instance of FG, and connect to "localhost" as the server name
    * If this test fails, then FG is not being allowed access to the network by your operating system or your antivirus software (check Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, Mcafee, etc.)

    2. Same sub-network test
    * Start FG and load an existing campaign. (Note the internal IP address reported on the Load Campaign screen.)
    * On a different machine on your home network, start FG and connect to the local IP address as the server name
    * If this test fails, then make sure that again check your security/antivirus software, and also make sure they are on the same sub-network (same router, same wireless, etc.)

    3. Internet test
    * Use FG connection test (or load an FG campaign and use to test whether port 1802 is open
    * If this test fails, then the port 1802 is not accessible from the Internet to the machine running FG. As mentioned, this is usually caused by multiple routing devices between your machine and the Internet.

    Here are a couple other notes:
    * Internet providers in some countries, especially in Europe, have run out of IPv4 Internet addresses and started aggregating user connections. If this is the case, you will need to use a VPN solution (such as Hamachi) to connect with your players, or request an IPv4 address from your Internet service provider.
    * FG attempts to configure port forwarding automatically using a protocol called UPnP (universal plug-and-play). This automatic configuration will not work if UPnP is disabled on your routing device, or if their are multiple routing devices on your network.

    Hope that helps,

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    Hola lruteski

    In many, many cases with radio/wireless/satellite internet the ISP doesnt give you any access to the router and often they aggregate IPv4 addresses...
    I think you are most likely going to need to try Hamachi or a VPN Service...

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    Tanks guys, I solved it with hamachi even ...

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