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    RMC Fantasy version of Olympic games

    Hi All

    I am intending to implement a version of the Olympic Games into my campaign with the RMC ruleset.

    Basically, a few kingdoms get together every couple of years and compete in a variety of skill/strength/endurance events. Glory (and gold) to the winners.

    I was hoping for some assistance in which events to run and how to resolve them.

    The big ticket events will be archery, swordsmanship and bare-hand brawling. These are simple enough to adjudicate using normal combat rolls.

    Some of the others I had considered but am unsure of are:
    - foot races (sprints and distance)
    - obstacle course
    - strength (weight lifting or maybe similar to caber tossing)
    - poetry
    - horse races (1 mile and 3 mile steeple chase)

    Any ideas on how I could run these events? Or any other events I could include?


    PS - I also posted this onto the ICE Forum. Hopefully between the FG and ICE forums I can get some good ideas.
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    Welcome dunadan.

    Id try and gauge how long each event will last and then work out how many of those to run.
    They're all good - especially the poetry!

    Without knowing RMC mechanics at all it might be as simple as having each entrant do their strength check (for the lifting event) and each time they pass they progress to the next round. Record how much they succeed by each time in the likely event a countback is required. Something similar for all the events bar poetry. That one must be judged by your peers (including GM) or better yet by the players real-life partners!

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    I wasn't intending for the PC's to compete in every event. In some they will only be spectators (along with 100's of other bystanders).

    If the PC 's aren't involved I will probably pre-roll some of the events to speed the story telling. Or if a countryman NPC is competing, I might allow them to make the rolls. Not sure yet.
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    Thanks Andraax! Didn’t think of that! mmmm… chariot races! That might go on my list of events.

    I still have a original boxed set of Circus Maximus somewhere.
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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