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    Whether it resets or not would depend if the ruleset is set to remember the modifier. In many cases, this is used as a "bonus" modifier. So, for example, the ruleset may automatically calculate and fill in your saving throw number for poisons, but you have a misc. bonus to poisons because you have a magic item or are a dwarf etc. So, you could add that using the plus field. If the ruleset has this attached to a database variable, ex. save.poison.bonusmodifier, it will be remembered, otherwise, it would go away upon re-initializing the ruleset i.e. temporary.
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    Also just reread Moon's comment, misread - thought he meant he felt he should add a new icon to those type of fields. So pardon my repl, that's why I said I don't think needed - I agree it is fine as is.

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    Just to clarify, because I think my comments might have been confusing. I'm not suggesting that any icon is needed at all. I was just suggesting that if you wanted to have an icon, then something other than the plus sign in the upper right would be better. I think we're all on the same page.


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