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    Having trouble exporting with enhanced library.

    Everytime I try and export, it keeps throwing up the console with Script Error: [string "scripts/new_library_module_export.lua"]:832: attempt to index local 'node' (a userdata value)
    And in the chatbox it's a sea of Duplicate database nodes, but the thing is the Module I'm exporting has none of the things its saying is duplicating.

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    Script Error: [string "scripts/new_library_module_export.lua"]:228: copyNode: Unable to create destination node, or destination node can not be the same as or a child of the source node.

    Just tried again and it threw that up.

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    I got one too! Mine was when trying to open pregen characters.

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_campaigndata2.lua"]:77: copyNode: Destination node can not be the same as or a child of the source node
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    What version are you using? Type /version to the chat and copy paste the output here. Those line numbers mentioned in you error doesn't make sense in the latest version
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    Savage Worlds Deluxe version 4.3.2 (Build 5)
    SW Enhanced Library version 1.8 (Build 1)

    I thought it might be the fact that I started the library on a different version. So I rebuilt the whole library from scratch using just copy and paste. And then deleted the old library. That's when I got the second error I posted.

    Could it be the tables Im trying to use? I built all the tables and then put them in a tables list, then combined the tables into one master table that outputs to a story.

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    Well, I went ahead and tried it again. And it worked. Literally did nothing since the last time I tried except restart. Which I did try a few times when I was having the problem. So I have no idea...

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