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    LFG 2 Player LF Game Saturday or Sunday Evening Prefer 5E

    My friend and I are looking for game to play in! We both love a good RP and would love to find a group that loves to build characters while smashing skulls! Not interested in rule-lawyering, just excited to play a good game, so any help finding one would be much appreciated!

    FG License: Standard and Ultimate License
    Time Zone: PST (but open to anything that starts after 6pm PST)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Would love a weekly game on Saturday or Sunday evenings (6pm PST or later)
    Term: Long term
    Voice: Have used Teamspeak, Discord, and Mumble - so definitely willing to do it.

    Game System Preferred: 5E please
    Game System Experience: 5E / 5E, 2nd Ed., 3.5
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Quite familiar - currently playing in a couple of other games right now.

    Character Type Preferred: Player One: Pretty much anything. I've played Bard and Ranger - interested in trying out Druid or Fighter. Player Two: Anything melee (occasionally Rogue or Bard) - usually plays a barbarian. LOVES the monster classes from Volos and is looking for a game that let's him play one.

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    Count me available to piggyback with these 2 if an opportunity presents itself.

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    I'm up

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    I have me and buddy for Sundays

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    If you guys find a dm please let me know I really want to play a game that let's you play other races and class variants and such.

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