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    AM I the only guy who consistently, when setting up a new character

    and get to inventory portion, make a mistake as I edit a row, go to backspace over it and hit backspace one time too many and entire row and one above gets deleted?

    I am not doing this now, I just remembered I keep meaning to post about it - so if not right steps, oops - but basically I recall it was very easy for me when editing to delete past through to another line.
    There may be multiple ways to handle this, I'd even be happy with an option to prevent you from backspace/deleting a row unless you click Yes/OK button on a popup ;P It's not that often you need to delete inventory rows - but then maybe this is just my klutzyness.

    Wouldn't mind so much if I didn't INVARIABLY not KNOW WHICH line or item I deleted. Usually when I do this during character creation, especially with frigging XXXX packs , I delete all the inventory and start again.

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    I have done this many times, especially when changing the location of an item (from "Backpack" to some other location, for example). I am starting to get very careful about the backspace button, and not just in the Inventory tab. The lack of an Undo button has hurt me a few times.

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