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    LFP:1 Player for 5e D&D LMoP sunday afternoon in europe(CET)

    Hi There

    I am looking for a player to join a "Lost Mines of Phandelver" campaign from the starter set.
    I run a pretty vanilla campaign, players new to D&D and/or FG are welcome. I have an ultimate licence.
    Calendar link:

    The game already started and the characters are level 3 right now.
    The redbrands were just killed and the party is storming the goblin castle right now.

    So far we have 1 human variant wizards, a dwarfen cleric and a wood elf monk.

    If you are interested you can either take over a half ork fighter from a player who left or make your own character.
    A rogue, bard or ranger(I will allow the unearthed arcana ones) would be nice.
    Just PM me with the details.

    We use the standard point buy system for characters with 27 points.(as written in the PHB pg 13)
    You can use anything from the official 5E books to make your characters, exept for Volo's and Storm Kings Thunder, because I do not have them myself.

    We will test out discord next session for voice chat.
    The usual game time is sundays 16:00(UTC). And it runs about 4 hours.

    Please only reliable players aply.


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    I'm game to join your campaign. I just requested to join via calendar. Let me know!

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