FG License: I have the paid version
Time Zone: PST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'd like a weekly game on Saturday or Sunday, in the evenings.
Term: Long term is preferable, but I'll take any game.
Voice: Preferably voice chat. I've got skype, but can download others if necessary.

Game System Preferred: Pretty much any system where you can have superhero's running 'round. I've got the Palladium version, Hero's Unlimited.
Game System Experience: I've played a lot of 3.5 a while ago, a lot of 5e lately, and a few sessions of Palladium games.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Despite several attempts otherwise, I've never actually played on fantasy grounds.
Character Type Preferred: ...unsure. What character concept I've got in my head changes fairly often.
About me: I prefer games with an even balance between combat and role-playing, and typically design characters as such. For the combat, I do like to aim for power gaming, but I keep it within the character concept first. If there's a super powerful move and I can't come up with a reason for the character to take it, within character, then I don't take it.