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    LFG 1 Player LFG Thursday Evenings MT prefer 5e

    FG License: I have the paid edition
    Time Zone: Mountain (utc-7)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Thursday afternoon evening(anytime past 3pm) also open to almost any evening game. I make my work schedule for the most part so I can accommodate any time if need be in the evenings.
    Term: Like to try a one shot or maybe guest appearance to start then maybe long term
    Voice: I have a headset and would be willing to use it
    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e or 2e
    Game System Experience: I have played almost all the palladium games, and Dungeons and dragons 2e and 5e
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: new to fg. I have watched some YouTube but have not played yet.

    Character Type Preferred: I like and would play any type but mostly like fighter/mage/cleric/psionic types

    About me:I've been lurking around fg for a while and decided to buy it the other week. I played and dm 2e back in the day and currently dm a 5e game with some friends every Sunday (might move to Saturday). I would like to be player to start but would not be above being a dm a bit. I usually like a rp/fighting mix 50/50 or a bit rp heavy. I think the game is about the story and the experience you have playing it. Hack and slash is good and fun but you need some rp to make the game memorable.
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