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    Lookin for long term weekly campaign with dedicated group 5e

    Yo! Names Elias, 20 years old from Sweden.
    Been lookin for a rp heavy long term camp with a dedicated group to play with for a long time now with no luck, ive dm'd myself for some time but i really want to be a player for once.

    I know the rules quite well tho im not a rules lawyer by any means, all for homebrewed rules as long as it fair to both parties, other than that i enjoy rping and really get into my character.
    I havent bought any FG packs and if its necessary for your campaign i cant say im willing to pay for it (if thats required) untill i know that ive found a group that i like and is dedicated.

    Im gmt +1 and free most days tho id prefer for games not go past midnight my time.

    Im willing to go alot more in depth about myself if ya'd like more info so yeah, hit me up

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    I run a Friday campaign that runs at 930 AM est....not sure if it fits your zone?

    Right now we are looking for someone to play the cleric...if you are interested...
    Ultimate Licence holder

    I've had FG for so LONG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

    But I'm learning!

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