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    D20 Modern SRD - Is anybody interested?

    I am currently creating a FG version of D20 Modern SRD.

    This is building on the D20 Modern that Bagpuss2 released a while ago.

    I am creating the .XML files at the moment.

    It will be a slow process as whenever an occupation, class, advanced class etc. lists a skill,talent or feat it will include a link to that entry.

    to help me create this I am writing some tools to create additonal entries to the XML files to allow customisation, people who have used my NPC tool will know the score.

    At the moment I have written the occupation tool.

    I just wonder what the level of interest would be. :?:

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    I voted no, simply because I have never entered the d20 modern arena and probably wouldn't have time to over the next year. Don't let that influence your work, however. I think it is a great thing to do for the community and I'm sure it would get a lot of use!!!
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    I voted yes because I had some time to enjoy the d20 modern ruleset with one of my own experimental campaigns. It was quite enjoyable, but the class structure was pretty terrible. It needs a more solid boundary to work.

    Still, I would never mind playing it again someday.

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    I say hell yes! D20 Modern is the basis of many other super fun rulesets out there (Fantasy, Past, Apocalypse), this would be an awesome footing to getting those ones out there! Mmmmm.
    - dk

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    I voted yes because the more variety the more people who will be attracted to the client
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    I ran a very popular d20 modern campaign back in the day called Ivory Chalice. I only got to finish 8 out of the total 12 episodes. If they implement d20 modern functionality and reference material into Fantasy Grounds, I'll most certainly be running d20 modern games again.

    However, I HONESTLY think they shouldn't have to stray from the D&D ruleset functionality to do so. If the time investment is too great just to implement d20 modern, I recommend against it until a later date. Mind you, I do like d20 modern, I really do, but there's nothing stopping anyone from playing d20 modern with the interface they have right now.

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    What do you mean by 'they', alkaven?

    Doswelk is trying to guage interest because he is thinking of doing this himself. This shouldn't affect SW's development efforts.

    Although I've been known to miss something here and there, being old and all.

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    Yah. It's been a while since I last looked at this thread. My bad. I was referring to Smite Works. Perhaps I just need more sleep.

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    As one person already noticed (gurney9999) I tried to upload a work in progress version to Adventuresome Dreams but it was too big!

    So I have created a Yahoo group as a home for the file.

    Will take you to the FG D20 Modern SRD group!

    There is currently 1 member (me) and 1 file ( Feel free to come and try the file.

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