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    Fantasy Grounds and Tabletop Play

    Hi Folks,
    This may be a dumb question but I was just curious / wondering if people use FG for actual 'live' tabletop play and their experiences with it. If it helps significantly or not and if there are any reasons to do so. As I'm evaluating the software (currently going through a number of YouTube tutorials), I was curious as to how many people do this. Thanks!!

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    Yes, many people do. Some discussion here.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/featu...rerequests.php

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    I do and it's great.
    I display a player session on a flat screen on the table and the players put the minis on the screen.

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    I don't run any face to face games at the moment, but the moment that I do, I definitely can see Fantasy Grounds being very nice for a GM, having a Combat tracker to keep a tally of hit points for both parties as well as initiative. , using the notes and in game calendar for organization.

    Thegroo also commented on a neat part of using the program in a face game.
    Sessions Running
    All currently on hold with the world going crazy. Doing random one shots.

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