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    Story Template Trickery

    I checked the wiki, and either I missed it or it doesn't currently exist:

    Is there a way to print a table's result with line breaks in it? Are there escape characters for this?

    For instance, I have a table that displays some text (let's say in column 1 it will display "John's attributes: ") and then that table has other data in column two that will display "angry" and a third column that will display "mean".

    Instead of the output looking like:
    John's attributes: ; angry; mean

    Can I force it to format its output with line breaks like this:
    John's attributes:


    I fully realize I could achieve the exact above example with multiple separate table call-outs in the story template, but that isn't what I need to do. This is just a very simple example to illustrate my question. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Not presently. We wanted to get a version 1.0 out there for people to use for a while and then we had planned to circle back to add some additional functionality that people began requesting.

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    Ok! Thanks for the quick answer!

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