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    Map Layers


    Is it possible to lock certain tokens, while others can still be manipulated by players?

    I have been playing around with maps and wanted to see if one could create a map, save it as a token and place it on top of another map.

    Sort of like in the D&D Mini game where you place terrain tiles on top of a mapgrid...

    The only problem with this is that when you start placing other tokens, the initial terrain tile is still selectable...

    Is there a way in wich one can set up the initial grid map with its terrain tiles, lock the immage, and then place regular tokens on top of that, which will then not be locked?

    The same principle should apply when loading a standard room, place objects in it like chests, tables etc. that can not be manipulated by the players. This will be handy to indicate a character on top of a table/cart etc.

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    I'm just curious, but wouldn't it be easier to just make the map beforehand as an image instead of constructing it during play? I could understand wanting chests and other items to be tokens- I do that exact thing in my games, but I don't understand the functionality of making a map into a small tile to put on another map... you might want to look at shortcuts to do that kind of thing.

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    I can see the appeal of being able to put together an encounter with terrain and setting pieces. Then you could freeze the layer and only allow the players to move on their layer - not touching the underlying data.

    The problem I see is not one of concept but of developer focus. If the game could be made rock solid with 3 layers (background, mask & tokens) I'd be overjoyed.

    Secondary programs or graphic packages might be more successful at creating and adapting the scenery and allow the game to have simple data types to manage. Having Extra layers and entities that have to be managed and shared seems to be a topic for far down the road.


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