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    create new damage types or properties?

    Just wondering, is it possible to create new damage types and item properties? Let's say I make a monster that I want immune to most damage except a unique magic item, let's call it the Obsidian Hammer. When I create a monster, can I set vulnerabilities to a new damage type ' obsidian ' and set the immunities to' poison, psychic; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks that aren't obsidian ', then create the obsidian hammer and set one of it's properties to ' obsidian ' so that it will bypass the immunity and also take advantage of the vulnerability?

    As I'm reading this, I think it may work as a 'property' but not as a damage type? I suspect I would need to set the vulnerability to the weapon damage type, in the case of a hammer Bludgeoning, but it would be immune to this bludgeoning damage unless the weapon also has the property ' obsidian '.

    Is that right?

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    "obsidian" would need to be added as an official damage type in the ruleset game system logic, which would require an extension.

    It wouldn't take too much, just a script that called
    table.insert(DataCommon.dmgtypes, "obsidian")

    If you set up that way, it would apply to any weapon with the "obsidian" damage type, not just a single weapon.


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    Thanks for the info Moon Wizard, I'll look into it. Cheers

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    Moon Wizard, is there a way to check that the weapon uses "obsidian" damage type to select the "obsidian" critical hit table when you roll a crit?

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    No. The house rule option for critical hit tables is for a single table. If you wanted to do critical hit tables by weapon damage type, you'd have to write up a whole new extension to handle that. (or play Rolemaster.


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    Would be possible for someone to attach an extension that adds the damage type so the noobs as me can just change the name of the damage type and use it?

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    Or perhaps the Great Wizard of the Lunar's Sphere will give us the option to create such things ingame some day? Please?

    Vires Animi

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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    Or perhaps the Great Wizard of the Lunar's Sphere will give us the option to create such things ingame some day? Please?

    Vires Animi
    That would definitely be a wishlist item. Add it here:

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