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    LF2P Mines of phandelver 5e

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: Central, but I have a couple players from different parts of the globe.

    Day of week and time: Saturday is for sure, as for the time we are looking at around 11am to noon start time. I am flexible though.

    If new game, planned start date: We do not know yet we will have a session 0 for character creation, and possibly walk people through combat system ect.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: weekly 4 hour sessions

    Term: We will go as long as phandelver takes to finish it is a level 1-5 so should not take long. If my friends enjoy the prebuilt, then we will reset and go into hoard of the dragon queen/rise of tiamat.

    Text or Voice: Voice

    Voice software used: Skype

    Details of your scenario: I am a relatively new DM, and I have never ran any of the prebuilt games before so this will be new to me. We will be going with point buy, I have a add on for spells, and feats should that come into play. since this is level 1-5 variant human will not be allowed I will just give everyone a free feat to play with. I must say this please do not min max if you do I will just remove you and find someone else. I expect you to have fun.

    You will also be expected to RP whatever action you are doing. So if you are planning to roll to haggle, show me how you are going to haggle. if your reasoning isn't good enough I will not allow it lol. This is D&D meant to have fun and act out your character not just roll for something because you have a +5.
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    Happy to see you post this Gunphantom. I've recently kicked off two campaigns for new players and had to turn away some high quality hungry players because there was just too much demand. People are looking for a patient, judgment free place to kick off their FG/D&D5e experience. I had 14 applicants for 5 slots in my Sunday one and 11 for 4 in my Friday one. It's great to see people stepping up to DM. I think people think they have to know the rulebook front to back and be experts but it's fine to all learn together. My two groups have been wonderful to me. I'm a rusty DM who is new to FG but we are all supportive of each other and have a great time together. Best of luck!

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    I mean I say I am a new DM, but I have been a DM to a 2 year running free world game that just ended, and a 1 1/2 yr game. I am just still not familiar with the rules and make mistakes so I say I am new lol.

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