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    Quote Originally Posted by LordTripod View Post
    Hi everyone! New to FG (so working on that learning curve) but not new to old school. I'm a C&C, BFRPG, 1E, 2E, and d20 kind of gamer. I've been gaming since the late 80's and for the past 10-12 years, my goto has been Castles & Crusades. I'm very happy to see that FG has everything I need there. Then, I started poking around for BFRPG ruleset and came to this forum post. It seems like a year ago, *most* of the work had been done but just hadn't gotten across the finish line yet. So, I wanted to post this bump to see if there was a .pak file link anyone could/would post for BFRPG rules at this point?

    I'd love to help test it out as an officially and/or community supported ruleset. I'm also a Unix/Linux developer (professionally C/C++/Perl/Bash guy) since 1999 - and would love to help craft the ruleset if anything is still needed there (though it sounds like most of that work has been completed). I love BFRPG ruleset (as much -if not more- than Castles & Crusades), so the passion and interest is there from my side as a consumer to get this one over the finish line!

    That's it - sorry for the long post, just wanted to introduce myself and see if there was still any light at the end of the tunnel for this ruleset.

    Welcome! Nice to see another C&C fan here... far too few of us for my liking.

    Hopefully you'll get an update/answer regarding your question. If not, the C&C implementation is quite good on FG, and getting better.
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    Thanks JohnD - yeah, always been hard to drum up fellow C&C'ers for some reason. Even those I've converted (especially if they come from Video game RPG backgrounds) just love them some power gaming and 5E. I can't understand it. Give me old school any day.

    I see you run a couple of Greyhawk games via C&C - if you ever need another player, let me know. I'm trying to learn FG as quick as possible to convert my group from roll20 as soon as I can. I've been running games there for a couple of years as a C&C GM while using nbos software (The Keep, Fractal Mapper, etc) to stub out my content/modules. I want to consolidate all of that and FG seems like THE software for it. Anyway - long winded way to say - let me know if you have a slot at one of your C&C tables. Best way I know to learn FG is to jump right in and play.

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    Looking forward to Basic Fantasy.

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    Just giving this old thread a bump... I am not sure if there is anything still going on for this or if someone else might be willing to take up the mantle and build a proper BFRPG ruleset.


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    Another bump for this or maybe some sort of update?

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    Could someone explain the difference between Basic Fantasy/ Celest 2e / CnC?
    I keep reading long threads on different forums, youtube videos and on here and having a heck of a time trying to figure out what ruleset to get behind on. Its all so confusing with so many people with different opinions! I can see why alot of people give up and go with the flow and just use 5e...

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