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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintDeadp00l View Post
    still cant download this
    Check down the very bottom left of the forum page and find the little drop down menu and select fgresposive. It is possible that you have the mobile view which won’t include the link in the first post.

    If that isn’t the issue then give us more information.
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    This is great but any idea how I can get rid the my Dragon watermark in the middle of the screen?
    It is right on top of Strahd!
    FG CoS image.PNG

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    Go into the options and turn off the Decal option.


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    Hey guys,

    awesome theme - really fits the mood.
    BUT is there a way to make it fit my screen when Im using 2560*1440p as desktop resolution? Its kind of cut of / doubled for me and that doesnt look "moody" at all

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    FG does not support background images larger than 2000px so it will always have to tile in some way. You can always edit the theme and replace the background with something else. It should tile horizontally pretty well though.

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    Downloaded & installed, Many Thanks!

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    A little update for FG Unity with a personal custom

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by ll00ll00ll00ll View Post
    That's great! Nice work. I love the small sidebar buttons, you can bet I'm going to dig in to see how you achieved that (as well as the fullscreen desktop image)

    I think my group will like this one a lot xender discord omegle. Thanks for sharing.
    This is perfect! I've been running CoS for my party for the last year or so and they are soon to enter Castle Ravenloft.
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