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    Curse of Strahd Theme

    My group has just started the Curse of Strahd so I thought I would bump up the ambiance for the default 5e Theme.


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    Nice. Much better than the glaring white.
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    This is perfect! I've been running CoS for my party for the last year or so and they are soon to enter Castle Ravenloft.

    If running CoS I would recommend reviewing the amazing resources on Power Score to help you navigate the campaign. A ton of great information for DMs here.

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    Very nice damned. Thank you for sharing.

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    That's a thing of beauty!

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    That looks good, but I thought we couldn't share themes that used WotC artwork?
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    That's great! Nice work. I love the small sidebar buttons, you can bet I'm going to dig in to see how you achieved that (as well as the fullscreen desktop image)

    I think my group will like this one a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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    I just installed this and gave it a try and it looks amazing. Its also free of clumsiness with everything being very well laid out. Truly phenomenal job on this

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    Can you use this layout and drop the background? I quite like the leathery original surface, but the buttons and windows on this looks amazing.

    - Z

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