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    updated character sheet icon?

    As a GM, if a player changes their character sheet during the game, I currently have to rely on memory to know what they changed... It would be nice to have a small icon (similar to player entering text) that pops up if a player has added or subtracted something from their sheet. It would be helpful because a GM could see if the player is keeping track of their money (deducting coin when appropriate, adding when looting) or if they have changed something while in the middle of dialogue (like adding a language they never spoke before! Smile FG keeps the players pretty honest, and this would help the GM also catch small mistakes before they become a problem later.

    Ex: You found an orb in the chest! Player: I pick it up and put it in my backpack. a few minutes pass... GM sees player's sheet didn't change and asks if they picked up the orb or not, reminding them to write it down.

    (Alt ending: 10 minutes later, player is confronted by illithid taskmaster who told them to retrieve the orb.. "Where isss my orbb, ssquissshy one?" Player: uh... it's in here somewhere.. GM: If you didn't write it down, it's still sitting in the room guarded by the hydra... who has probably regenerated by now since you didn't burn it to death.. Player: Urgh!)

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    That is what I love about this software, it is true to pen and paper in that the player could change the amount of gold on their sheet without the DM ever knowing. The good thing about the software is that the DM can check on players without them knowing about it.
    In my campaign there was a player that, when we played in person, was always being accused of not updating his character sheet, so I knew to keep an eye on him in my campaign. He was working for a blacksmith and he was cut a good deal on a suit of armor since he was working there. Even though he was given a good deal he still did not deduct the gold from his character sheet. He said he paid for it but I assumed he got the money back somehow and logically he must have taken it since he knew where the money was kept. Later that day the blacksmith paid him a visit accusing him of stealing the money from him. It actually added to the storyline and now that character cannot buy armor or weapons in that town anymore. He is much better about updating his sheet now.
    Also, if a player somehow has more gold than what they should, they must have gotten the gold from somewhere. If they are out adventuring logically he must have stolen it from someone in the party. This would setup for some fireworks within the party if someone were to notice. I roll the dice and take from someones character sheet and that is who is the victim. I then have them roll the dice to see if they notice the cash gone. It really adds another dimension to the game. Not that you have to babysit everyone, knowing you can is great.
    It would be nice to have an icon of a piece of paper that would show up next to the portrait to indicate that they are working on their character sheet.

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