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    Digital Adventures November Release -- Lairs of Evil!

    Digital Adventures November Release - Lairs of Evil
    Three Fantasy Grounds Adventures for Mid-Level Characters

    by Kevin W. Melka
    Compiled for Fantasy Grounds by Digital Adventures, LLC

    This product contains three different locations featuring evil villians up to no good: an evil church, the prison of a malevolent devil, and the lair of an assassin -- each presenting a different challenge for your players. Both do-gooder and mercenary will be able to find adventure here, with various plot hooks provided to suit any campaign.

    These three short adventures are for 6th - 9th levels characters suitable for any campaign setting. This downloadable product contains everything you need to play this adventure with the Fantasy Grounds software, priced at only $3.00 and can be downloaded at:


    For more information on previous and future releases from Digital Adventures visit our website at:


    Happy Gaming!

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    Good to see you're still around cranking out the stuff!


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    Quote Originally Posted by richvalle
    Good to see you're still around cranking out the stuff!

    Hey Rich!

    Well, I had two releases in September, mostly because my regular job was going to be busy in Oct and I knew it was going to be hard to get something out. The good news is I have TWO new rulesets in developement, one higher level adventure, and a contract from Code Monkey for yet another WOTC adventure (not hard to guess what comes after Sunless Citadel 8) ). I have a lot more planned as well, just not enough hours in the day.

    ... and, I'll have a BIG announcement in December regarding products I'll be developing in 2006. All I can say is it will involve a *major* RPG publisher, and once development is underway I'll make a press release for the community. I really don't want to say too much yet since this is all in the planning stage at the moment.

    In other words Rich ... I'm still here :!:

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    Please be Ptolus, please be Ptolus....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illrigger
    Please be Ptolus, please be Ptolus....

    Sorry Illrigger ... I will say that it is not Ptolus. However, Sue and Monte are good friends of mine, so maybe some day .... 8)

    All I can say is ... patience my young Padawan, and you will be rewarded.

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