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    Effects The Complete Rogue Package

    Since the previous thread on this subject was unfortunately retired this is a duplicate so that those that find it useful can still comment or post questions
    The next of the 'mini tutorials' this time showing how to create the effects for the Rogue class. The file attached to this post contains a level 20 Rogue with all of the effects in the actions tab. In order to get the best out of the character you should have access to the Player's Handbook or Core Class Pack to view the links. The notes below are meant to compliment the character. In order to keep things reasonably short I have not commented on many of the abilities where either no effect is needed or cannot be created.

    A word on Spells: At the time of writing virtually every spell can be dragged and dropped into the actions tab and will create a suitable effect (where one is needed). The only things you will want to check are that the correct ability score is entered into the spell Power Group so that Saving throw DCs and attack rolls are correctly computed, and that the duration of spells has been correctly updated in the effect.

    Evasion – drag/dropping this doesn’t give the correct effect. Delete it and add the one shown.

    Mastermind Archetype (From Sword Coast Adventure Guide)
    No effects needed here

    Swashbuckler Archetype (From Sword Coast Adventure Guide)
    Rakish Audacity – Create effect or simply adjust INIT
    Panache – In order to automate the disadvantage attacks, place the effect onto all allies and then SHIFT-drag the effect (using the targeting reticule in the Combat Tracker) from all of those creatures onto the affected NPC.
    Master Dualist – Can’t test for a miss so no effect can be created.

    Thief Archetype
    Supreme Sneak - an effect could be created (ADVSKILL:stealth) but there’s no way to test to see if the character moved so has to be done manually.

    Assassin Archetype
    Assassinate – can’t set up an effect for this, click the ADV button before making the roll and then hold SHIFT whilst making the damage roll to apply critical damage.
    Death Strike – can’t create an effect to multiply the damage. Drag the automatically applied damage from chat onto NPC to apply the double dose.

    Arcane Trickster
    Magical Ambush – Using this effect is tricky because you can’t set up a targeted effect for SAVE (by SHIFT-dragging), so this effect will apply to any save made by the NPC from whatever source if applied for the duration specified. Thus apply the effect just before a save is needed (or handle the whole thing manually).
    Versatile Trickster – SHIFT drag this effect onto the target so that only you get advantage and not anyone else.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Thanks for making/sharing.
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    How do you use this .xml file? Where does it go on your HD? Can you drag and drop this into Fantasy Grounds somehow? Thanks for the file, but OP could benefit from also including instructions for totally new users like myself.

    Edit: Nevermind... this post is a sub-post to a giant post here:
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    where do you see a file? i can't find anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danylwb View Post
    where do you see a file? i can't find anything
    Bottom of the first post. If you don't see it then;
    - set your forum theme to FG Responsive (bottom left of page)
    - make sure you are viewing the full site and not the mobile or Archive site.

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