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    Kris has replied in the Kickstarter saying the maps are 300dpi (dots per inch) where 1 inch is roughly equal to 25mm. So, to get grids of 300x300 pixels go for 25mm. You're going to have to resize down anyway, so starting at a nice round number is easier, as opposed to 336x336 or 384x384 for the grid.
    Thank you so much! You saved me a bunch of time doing research.

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    25.4mm is one inch.
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    Hey guys Well its October and I've been working like a demon since the sci-fi Kickstarter closed to complete the massive workload. I'm pleased to report that all 48 Core, 32 Superset and more than half of the 22 Stretch Goal maps have been completed and uploaded and sent to backers. Fulfillment is approximately 80% complete with 12 Stretch Goal maps left to go in the series which I expect to have done in a weeks time. That will leave only the bonuses to do inc. some Ship Blueprints, some VIP Reward maps, the DeathStar Mega-Meander map and 2 custom designs. I'm not slowing down and hopefully can have it all done before or during November as indicated for the due date.

    Thanks Trenloe and others for answering the grid/px question, below is a sample of the smaller VTT ready 1350x900 grid uploaded to Roll20. Moon Colony 08 with an Orc Archer. And below that an assortment of joined maps showing approximately 45% of the new Meanders 2 Sci-fi range. And below that, the latest Meander uploaded and sent to backers... Alien Colony. It's been a truly monstrous kickstarter keeping me at my desk for months on end - but it's near the end now, and I'm very happy with what has been produced so far.

    Scifi series plannout.jpg

    Kind Regards,

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    Just a follow up for organizational purposes - this KS was 100% completed a few years ago. I will do another huge Sci-fi one next year (2019).

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    Well - Hello there everyone

    It's been a long time coming - and numerous campaigns have been completed since the last post here but I figured I would keep it all together in the once place and not start another thread for my maps. I've now put almost ALL of my 550+ maps into Fantasy Grounds modules available from my Game Tile Warehouse store, Fantasy Grounds store and Steam as official modules - but the time has arrived and I am about to embark on the latest wave of Meander 4 expansions and one very much needed of an enormous Fantasy City campaign.

    The campaign goes live in a few days time but here is a preview. It features a 72 hours early bird offer you may be interested in as well as offers return rewards for return backers.
    I have numerous art samples of my city maps up - so feel free to take a look. Finally, destinations to lead all those wilderness maps to...

    Seasonal, Interior, Exterior, Blank, Night-Time and Mega Maps are all on offer and if successful - this campaign will bring the total of available meanders to almost 700!

    While it does not offer FG modules as a reward - you can be sure they will make their way into them eventually, so I hope I can count on your support to help me expand the series even further.


    Hope to see you there,
    Kind Regards,

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