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    Quote Originally Posted by gogots View Post
    Hi guy,
    I want to share you some maps but I can't write URL.
    So you can search"gogots" on deviant art or complete this URL:
    Some exemples of my work:
    Attachment 17708
    Attachment 17709
    Attachment 17710
    You can find on my deviant art page, some free graphic elements which i use for my map.

    PS: sorry, i'm very bad in english.
    These are fantastic!

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    Those really are impressive.

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    Simply amazing work, thank you for sharing.

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    You have some serious talent! You thinking of publishing then through the FG marketplace? Maybe some other places on line? There are a number of mapmaker/artists who make a living off of it. Word of caution, always read what writes your are signing over and think very very carefully about ever taking an exclusive license. Exclusive licenses essentially mean that even though they recognize it is your work you cannot do anything with it. My non-professional opinion is that if you can reserve rights to make your own merchandise with the image then selling T-shirts, mugs, banners, etc. will probably bring more over a number of years than a lump sum commission. Not being an artist I don't really understand all of this, and please get actual legal help as I am not a lawyer and none of this should be taken as legal advice. I still think your stuff is amazing and hope that it will pay you well enough to be able to invest more hours working on it than a strict "hobby" would allow.

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    Very good maps, but please have this in mind: don't embed a grid in your maps. Not everybody plays D&D or grid-based systems.
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    Some artists release 2 versions. 1 with a grid and one without. Because VTTs (like FG) normally allow adding a grid within them, this allows us to quickly customize them to a grid or hex size we like. Those playing in person probably want a grid sized so that they can print it to ?1 inch? squares for easy use with standard figurines and tokens.

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