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    Like most of the rules based on the D&D chassis, that ruleset is just a small step away from LoFP. It would be more a matter of changing bonuses and saving throws amd such than recreating all the logic needed to run the game.

    So I look forward to that ruleset coming out and I remember a thread on it in the past. Is it layered on top of core rpg, 3.5, or 5e?
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    Basic Fantasy is a modification of my current AD&D 1e ruleset, which is to say, layered on top of C & C, which in turn is layered on top of Core RPG. And, as you indicated, it was a piece of cake making the modifications to my existing ruleset, because the logic needed to run it is already there and mostly it is a matter of changing a few numbers here and there, and modifying a few key lines of code. All I have left to actually work on is the combat engine itself.

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    Not that I can do much in the coding arena, but I am happy to do some of the testing work if you guys need it.

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