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    It was a great session, indeed. Oskar actually did something useful for once! (healed Grimaldi) :-P

    Thanks, Ryan - I had a blast! Looking forward to next week!

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    Yes, a good time! So frustrating when the baddies can't hit though, takes away from some of the suspense. Gif's continual failure on his morale rolls were somewhat mollifying though. Also the party destroying some of the ancient religious relics was amusing as well. I've always said that its the bad rolls that really make the game/story. Everyone wants to crit. but it's the failures that truly make the scene.

    I also think we need to rename the Monk's ability to The Fists of Flatulence!

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    Thanks for the screen shots and the after-action report. Sorry to miss this session.

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    HUZZAH! Another great session hosted by DM Hossman! The party encountered several strange beasts, a whole lot of undead and faced their first FIREBALL. Fortunately, luck is with them as Gif the Goblin is now a confirmed member of the party!

    The party tracked down a foul pair of so called displacer beasts (Arrow seemed to know what they were) terrorizing the local miners. Sadly, they were too late to save an unfortunate gnome miner they named Petkaspunter Goldshimmers (or some variation of the sorts), may he rest in peace.

    Led by Grimaldi, the party enters the Wave Echo Caves, as they discover the skeletal remains of many dwarves and orc laid throughout the complex, the remnants of an ancient battle that took place centuries ago. More and more undead were aroused by the party's presence as Thorwyn increasingly gets irritated by the attacks...

    Weary from battle, the party pushed further into the complex in search of secure location to hold up when a hoard of zombies led by an ominous floating Fiery Green Skull attacked. The Fiery Green Skull cursed out and threw a fireball down the passage. Everyone was weakened by the blast as Otadek, Arrow and Gif fall.

    Grimaldi, Thorwyn, Oskar and Jhereg rallied protecting the fallen as Thorwyn strikes the final blow to the skull.

    The party now sits quietly in a remote store room resting as they heal their wounds...

    Screenshots from a later session while inside the Wave Echo Cave:

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    That skull was right out of the original Doom!

    Fireballs, ouchie.

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    And the party was all bunched up in a hallway, couldn't have gone better had it been orchestrated that way...!

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    I haven't played this game yet.

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    Several sessions have passed since the last post. We have lost a couple of players, gained another and some have chosen new characters to play. Arrow our ginger mage, Thorwyn the dual wielding fighter and Oskar the socially awkward cleric of the original group remain, with new members Partha-Zan a fancy pants half-elf warlock (together with flying cat Timmah! a Tressym), Dookard a dubious rogue and our special companion Gif the goblin fighter/bard (“Beloved by Berronar Truesilver”)!

    GM Hossman threw a fun encounter of Ankhegs at us while traveling the Long Road. Brought me back to Baldur’s Gate days! GOOD STUFF!

    Thanks again for hosting Hossman!
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    Our intrepid group still continues forward and I hope to add some new screenshots in the future. Nichole aka Thorwyn recently commissioned a group portrait of The Heroes of Phandalin:

    Many thanks Nichole as well as DM Hossman for running a great game!

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    A short update, several weeks (in-game) have past as The Heroes of Phandalin continue their adventures, wreaking havoc across the Dessarin Valley. The clues they have deciphered (correctly or not) have brought them deep beneath a certain keep located in the Dessarin Hills. A new friend being rescued from the clutches of cultists, Cati Keg the druid, has joined the intrepid party. During the thick of battle, Cati summons a flurry of poisonous snakes to challenge some adversaries; hopefully the snakes can tell friend apart from foe?

    Thanks again to DM Hossman for continuing the campaign!

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