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    The mod is getting REALLY juicy you guys. I’ve spent maybe a hundred hours making more generators and tables, and improving the ones I already had. Once again, I’m not ready to post an update yet, but I wanted to keep you in the loop on it’s progress. It’ll be BIG

    Bamboka, I am unsure what your post was meant to say... the quote and the text below it are both quotes of my other posts earlier in the thread?

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    Oh yeah looking forward to it. I like the one you have now the new one I imagine is gonna be even better.

    Edit. Used just the other night. Sure enough they were in a merchant. The party asked what is there buy.......bam used this and had some fast answers. Thanks a bunch.
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    Well my friends the day has come! I started a new thread for two reasons: I couldn't change the title of this one, and now there is a version compatible with other rulesets!

    Head on over to THIS POST to see the new version of the mod.

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