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    Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software

    Hi folks. I am going to be creating cross-platform map-making software (for Windows and macOS), suitable for creating both for print-resolution maps and lower-res maps suitable for use with virtual tabletop software. The program will be sort of a spiritual successor to Dundjinni, but with a greater focus on stitching maps together from pre-existing map tiles and then customizing the resulting map (with additional decorations, etc.) to suit the GM's particular needs.

    The program should appeal to GMs of face-to-face game sessions and to those using any VTT software, who want to create their own slick-looking battlemaps to visually enrich their RPG sessions, but who find existing mapping programs (including image-editing tools such as Gimp and Photoshop) too intimidating/confusing/expensive.

    In late January or early February 2017, I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to try to fund the program's development. The software will be priced to be very accessible/affordable, likely in the $20-$25 range (at least during the Kickstarter campaign).

    I'm trying to gauge public interest in this, so please let me know if such software would be of interest to you.
    MapForge battlemap creation software for Windows and Mac OS X

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    For me Campaign Cartographer was always too much for what I perceived its value to be. I have tried to buy Dundjinni several times unsuccessfully.

    Id likely buy it at that price.

    On the other hand a new standalone version of Pyromancers Dungeon Painter (I use the online version often) is coming to Steam soon...

    So timing could matter

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    I'd be interested in a mapping program in that price range, as long as it performed similar to CC3+. Especially if there was a steady stream of new symbols. Pyromancer is nice, but the fact that it has so few statues for instance, makes the maps pretty boring after a while. CC3+ was expensive, and continues to be if you want new symbols, but the nice thing is, the option is there. I'm always willing to pay a few dollars for something that is going to give added benifit to my gaming. If it has the same open license that CC3+ has so you can use it to make maps and sell them, all the better.

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    This would also grab my interest. I have CC3+, DD3, and CD3 and absolutely hate them because of the interface. Most of the time I end up making my maps in Photoshop, which works fine for what I do, but an easy to use, time-limiting app specifically for mapping would be my preference. I use Hexographer (and soon Hexographer 2) for overland mapping and don't anticipate moving away from that, but for dungeons, inside buildings, etc., an alternative would be excellent. I've also tried to purchase Dundjinni several times with no luck.

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    This DM would be interested in your software. Cheers

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    I have put $200 into CC

    I would be willing to purchase a software or software package but only if it is capable of matching CC's functions. Most importantly the layers and lighting

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    I have great interest in a piece of software focused on creating maps for RPGs, but my decision to buy it or not will depend on the business model you will be using. Some key points for me would be:

    1. Will this software allow the use of any image (like the ones grabbed from Dundjinni forums or CSUAC), or will it allow only pre-loaded packages?

    2. How will this software approach map creation? Will it work with unlimited layers, in a Photoshop-like approach, or with few, pre-determined layers, like Dundjinni? Freedom to use as many layers I want and not be anchored on pre-built layers is a must have.

    3. Will it be Stylus/Tablet friendly? Since I started to use a Wacom device I just can’t use mouse to editing images anymore.

    4. Do you plan to sell art packs? If yes, will they be for personal use only, or a use would be able to build a map, put it in an adventure module and sell the stuff?

    5. How frequent will be the planned version updates? How long would be versions life-cycle? How frequently would I need to purchase updates (I think yearly is bad, but pay another 20-25 bucks every two years won’t be that bad to receive improvements new features).

    Depending on the answers of those topics, my response can be definitely yes, maybe or absolutely not… =P

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    It turns out that there was substantial interest in new mapping software. The Kickstarter for MapForge funded on the first day, and the campaign now has well over 800 backers and is close to unlocking the second Stretch Goal. The first Stretch Goal unlocked five free content Add-Ons.

    I'm thrilled with how well MapForge has been received, especially by the former DJ community. I hope MapForge will become an indispensable tool for Fantasy Grounds GMs.
    MapForge battlemap creation software for Windows and Mac OS X

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    Well. I just don't see myself ever using anything but photoshop to make my maps. Its just too good. But I do wish you luck with your endeavour. The more tools the better I say.

    Vires Animi

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    won't be able to run it on my platform anyway.

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