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    Quote Originally Posted by phoagne View Post
    Hi! Recently switched to FGU but noticed range modifiers are no longer present. Did I miss something, or would they return, or are they off limits now? It's not hard to look it in the book but I've got so used to it.
    They will return. FGU does its map pointers a little differently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
    Ronnke, one of these days I'll figure out your address and I'll send you a case of beer for all your work!

    Since you asked. I would really like it if it was possible to address the issue where one can no longer apply an effect to the target of the active actor. This functionality used to exist, but was lost a year or so ago either in an update to this ruleset, or to Corerpg.

    It gets extremely cumbersome when my combat tracker is filled with 6+ players, and 10 monsters when I have to scroll up and down through the combat tracker to find "Orc 7" to apply a "dazed", "stunned", "crippled right arm" or other condition.

    It used to be that I could just "alt-click + crippled right arm" when it was Gandor the Brave's turn and he chopped through his Orc 7's arm. Wham! Bam! The condition was applied. Next person's turn.
    Quote Originally Posted by ronnke View Post
    Not sure why it disappeared, but I will add it back.
    Ronnke, did you ever get a chance to look into this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
    Ronnke, did you ever get a chance to look into this?
    Hi Folks,
    I've finally bitten the bullet and purchased the FGU - so I'm taking time to learn to use the newer set up.

    On thing I found slightly disquieting is that in order to sign in as GM and as a player from my machine - going strictly with an IP log in rather than cloud log in, I had to add my own IP address to the allowed IP addresses in my Anti-virus firewall, otherwise, I'd not have been able to view what I can see as GM and as a player at the same time.

    In any event, Looking forward to seeing what else there is in this new version of Fantasy Grounds as well as the newest version of the GURPS. I had last uploaded the 3.3.10 version of the GURPS instead of the current 3.3.12.

    Should prove to be interesting...

    Thanks again Ronnke for the work you do, even if I don't show up here OFTEN.


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