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    Art Asset List for 5e Themes

    This is a list of all the graphical assets in the 5e/CoreRPG ruleset that are assigned an image file. I may have missed a few as there are some floaters that I have no idea where they are used. I'll edit this for accuracy as needed. May fellow developers use this as a checklist for creating new themes.

    Format of Entries
    Each entries is labelled as one of the following assets (which is based on use and may not match the ruleset folder of the current asset): buttons, frames, icons, radial menu choices.

    Buttons are controls that have multiple icons based on whether they are being clicked or rotating through choices. They have the following format.
    Button: purpose ["icon name"]["icon name"]

    Frames are borders, backgrounds, and windows that other controls sit inside of. Most are tiled to enable resizing. They have the following format.
    Frame: purpose ["framedef name"]

    Icons are images that have only a single state, whether they can be clicked on or not. They have the following format.
    Icon: purpose ["icon name"]

    Radial choices are the circle images that appear in a ring when you right-click something. I kept them separate as it seems most developers don't want to alter them for a theme. Many are used for other purposes than their icon name would suggest. They have the following format.
    Radial: purpose {also: additional purposes} ["icon name"]

    Common Components

    • Button: generic button ["buttonup"]["buttondown"]
    • Button: close window ["button_close"]["button_close_down"]["button_close_hover"]
    • Button: open help ["button_help"]["button_help_down"]["button_help_hover"]
    • Button: link button ["button_link"]["button_link_down"]
    • Button: empty link socket ["button_link_empty"]
    • Button: shared link button ["button_link_share"]["button_link_share_down"]
    • Button: clear ["button_clear"]["button_clear_down"]
    • Button: roll ["button_roll"]["button_roll_down"]
    • Button: generic action ["actions"]["actions_down"]
    • Button: add modifier ["button_action_modifier"]["button_action_modifier_down"]
    • Button: expand details ["details"]["details_down"]
    • Button: generic expand ["button_expand"]["button_expand_down"]
    • Button: generic collapse ["button_collapse"]["button_collapse_down"]
    • Button: dropdown arrow ["combobox_button"]["combobox_button_active"]
    • Button: down arrow ["button_arrowdown"]["button_arrowdown_down"]
    • Button: edit-enable ["button_edit"]["button_edit_down"]
    • Button: edit-add ["button_add"]["button_add_down"]
    • Button: edit-delete ["button_delete"]["button_delete_down"]
    • Button: edit-confirm delete ["button_deleteconfirm"]["button_deleteconfirm_down"]
    • Button: window resize handle ["window_resize"]["window_resize_filled"]
    • Button: check circle ["button_checkon"]["button_checkoff"]
    • Button: speech/set speaker ["button_speak"]["button_speak_down"]
    • Button: locked ["padlock_open"]["padlock_closed"]
    • Button: identified ["record_identified"]["record_unidentified"]
    • Button: prompt confirm ["button_dialog_ok"]["button_dialog_down"]
    • Button: prompt cancel ["button_dialog_cancel"]["button_dialog_cancel_down"]
    • Button: prompt roll ["button_dialog_roll"]["button_dialog_roll_down"]
    • Frame: generic frame ["metalplate"]
    • Frame: window title bar ["windowtitle"]
    • Frame: generic group ["groupbox"]
    • Frame: light background ["fieldlight"]
    • Frame: dark background ["fielddark"]
    • Frame: field with focus ["fieldfocus"]
    • Frame: adding field ["fieldfocusplus"]
    • Frame: required field ["required"]
    • Frame: dice field ["fielddice"]
    • Frame: temp modifier/language choice ["tempmodsmall"]
    • Frame: gray header ["headergray"]
    • Frame: black header ["headerblack"]
    • Frame: header lines ["headersimple"]
    • Frame: border ["border"]
    • Frame: list row shade ["rowshade"]
    • Frame: filter ["filter"]
    • Frame: active filter ["filter_active"]
    • Frame: search ["search"]
    • Frame: active search ["search_active"]
    • Frame: scrollbar rail ["scrollbar_base"]
    • Frame: scrollbar handle ["scrollbutton_normal"]
    • Frame: dropdown box ["combobox_list"]
    • Frame: dropdown scrollbar ["combobox_scrollbar"]
    • Frame: tooltip ["tooltipbox"]
    • Frame: text divider ["separatorline"]
    • Frame: manual roll ["manualroll_entry"]
    • Frame: horizontal tab line ["tabs"]
    • Icon: active tab divider ["tabtop"]
    • Icon: question mark ["question"]
    • Icon: left arrow ["arrowleft"]
    • Icon: right arrow ["arrowright"]
    • Icon: small left arrow ["arrow_sm_left"]
    • Icon: small right arrow ["arrow_sm_right"]
    • Icon: rollable field ["field_rollable"]
    • Icon: small rollable field ["field_rollable_transparent"]
    • Icon: linked field ["field_linked"]
    • Icon: drag roll ["action_roll"]
    • Icon: drag attack ["action_attack"]
    • Icon: drag damage ["action_damage"]
    • Icon: drag heal ["action_heal"]
    • Icon: drag effect ["action_effect"]
    • Icon: narrow footer flourish ["footer_narrow"]
    • Icon: wide footer flourish ["footer_wide"]
    • Icon: expand categories ["button_expand"]
    • Icon: collapse categories ["button_collapse"]
    • Icon: white expand categories ["button_expand_w"]
    • Icon: white collapse categories ["button_collapse_w"]
    • Icon: error ["error"]
    • Icon: radial menu ["menuhub"]
    • Icon: radial node ["menuback"]
    • Radial: close FG menu ["closeprogrammenu"]
    • Radial: close FG ["closeprogram"]
    • Radial: return to launcher ["return"]
    • Radial: maximize FG {also: original image size} ["maximizewindow"]
    • Radial: windowed FG {also: resize image} ["restorewindow"]
    • Radial: add entry ["insert"]
    • Radial: edit {also: drawing} ["edit"]
    • Radial: stop editing {also: exit drawing} ["stopedit"]
    • Radial: remove entry ["delete"]
    • Radial: clear {also: PC release/clear ownership} ["erase"]
    • Radial: share ["windowshare"]
    • Radial: unshare ["unshare"]
    • Radial: share link ["linkshare"]
    • Radial: unshare link ["linkprivate"]
    • Radial: share all links ["linkshareall"]
    • Radial: unshare all links ["linkprivateall"]
    • Radial: close window ["close"]
    • Radial: delete window ["windowdelete"]
    • Radial: lock window ["lock"]
    • Radial: unlock window ["unlock"]
    • Radial: minimize window ["minimize"]
    • Radial: restore window ["restore"]
    • Radial: number 2 ["num2"]
    • Radial: number 3 ["num3"]
    • Radial: number 4 ["num4"]
    • Radial: number 5 ["num5"]
    • Radial: number 6 ["num6"]
    • Radial: number 7 ["num7"]
    • Radial: number 8 ["num8"]
    • Radial: number 9 ["num9"]
    • Radial: number 10 ["num10"]
    • Radial: number 15 ["num15"]
    • Radial: number 20 ["num20"]
    • Radial: number 100 ["percent"]
    • Radial: clear dice ["dieclear"]
    • Radial: list insert entry ["listinsert"]
    • Radial: list remove entry ["listdelete"]
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    Major Visual Elements

    Character Sheet
    • Button: item carried/equipped ["button_char_inv_none"]["button_char_inv_carried"]["button_char_inv_equipped"]
    • Button: add weapon ["button_weapon"]["button_weapon_down"]
    • Button: add power group ["button_star"]["button_star_down"]
    • Frame: character sheet window ["charsheet"]
    • Frame: char sheet popup ["charsheethelper"]
    • Frame: AC shield ["acicon"]
    • Frame: ability score ["abilityscore"]
    • Icon: main tab label ["tab_main"]
    • Icon: skills tab label ["tab_skills"]
    • Icon: abilities tab label ["tab_abilities"]
    • Icon: inventory tab label ["tab_inventory"]
    • Icon: notes tab label ["tab_notes"]
    • Icon: log tab label ["tab_log"]
    • Icon: actions tab label ["tab_actions"]
    • Icon: temp modifier indicator ["tempmod"]
    • Icon: armor stealth disadvantage ["char_armorcheck"]
    • Icon: carried column header ["char_inv_carried_header"]
    • Icon: class section ["char_class"]
    • Icon: background section ["char_background"]
    • Icon: race section ["char_race"]
    • Icon: senses section ["char_senses"]
    • Icon: defense and mobility section ["char_init"]
    • Icon: health section ["char_stats"]
    • Icon: skills and proficiencies section ["char_abilities_purple"]
    • Icon: feats section ["char_abilities_green"]
    • Icon: features section ["char_abilities_red"]
    • Icon: traits section ["char_abilities"]
    • Icon: languages section ["char_abilities_blue"]
    • Icon: inventory section ["char_inventory"]
    • Icon: treasure section ["char_treasure"]
    • Icon: encumbrance section ["char_encumbrance"]
    • Icon: log section ["char_notes"]
    • Icon: weapons section ["char_attacks"]
    • Icon: powers section ["char_abilities_orange"]
    • Icon: spells section ["char_powers"]
    • Icon: weapon type melee ["char_weapon_melee"]
    • Icon: weapon type ranged ["char_weapon_ranged"]
    • Icon: weapon type thrown ["char_weapon_thrown"]

    • Button: scroller handle ["button_scrollerpan"]["button_scrollerpan_down"]
    • Button: zoom handle ["button_zoomer"]["button_zoomer_down"]
    • Frame: map window ["imagebox"]
    • Frame: map window header ["imagebox_header"]
    • Frame: toolbar background ["toolbar_back"]
    • Frame: toolbar button row ["toolbar_30"]
    • Icon: pin ["image_pin"]
    • Icon: public pin ["image_pin_public"]
    • Icon: preloaded ["image_sent"]
    • Icon: locked ["image_locked"]
    • Icon: pins visible ["image_shortcuts"]
    • Icon: zoomed ["image_zoom"]
    • Icon: toolbar mask mode ["tool_mask_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar drawing mode ["tool_paint_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar erase mode ["tool_erase_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar grid menu ["tool_grid_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar shift grid left ["tool_left_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar shift grid right ["tool_right_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar shift grid up ["tool_up_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar shift grid down ["tool_down_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar increase grid ["tool_plus_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar decrease grid ["tool_minus_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar multiselect mode ["tool_select_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar target select mode ["tool_target_select_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar clear targets ["tool_target_clear_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar target allies ["tool_target_allies_30"]
    • Icon: toolbar target enemies ["tool_target_enemies_30"]
    • Icon: image loading ["image_loading"]
    • Radial: sharing menu ["imageviewmenu"]
    • Radial: share with players {also: whisper, token selection mode menu} ["broadcast"]
    • Radial: preload image ["send"]
    • Radial: lock player view ["imageviewlock"]
    • Radial: unlock player view ["imageviewunlock"]
    • Radial: synch view ["imageviewsynch"]
    • Radial: update view ["imageviewupdate"]
    • Radial: layers menu ["layers"]
    • Radial: navigator {also: CT targeting menu} ["goto"]
    • Radial: mask image {also: GM claim PC, roll all NPC initiatives, CT target all non-allies} ["mask"]
    • Radial: delete mask ["deletemask"]
    • Radial: enter mask edit mode ["maskedit"]
    • Radial: exit mask edit mode ["maskeditoff"]
    • Radial: set square grid ["grid"]
    • Radial: set hex grid ["gridhex"]
    • Radial: switch square-hex ["gridchange"]
    • Radial: remove grid ["gridoff"]
    • Radial: enable snap to grid ["lockgrid"]
    • Radial: disable snap to grid ["unlockgrid"]
    • Radial: display pins ["shortcutson"]
    • Radial: hide pins ["shortcutsoff"]
    • Radial: drawing menu ["drawingmenu"]
    • Radial: enter drawing mode ["drawingediton"]
    • Radial: exit drawing mode ["drawingeditoff"]
    • Radial: draw stroke ["drawingstroke"]
    • Radial: enter erase mode ["erasestroke"]
    • Radial: erase drawing ["eraselayer"]
    • Radial: lock drawing layer ["lockdrawing"]
    • Radial: unlock drawing layer ["unlockdrawing"]
    • Radial: expand drawing menu ["expanddrawing"]
    • Radial: expand drawing up ["expanddrawingup"]
    • Radial: expand drawing right ["expanddrawingright"]
    • Radial: expand drawing down ["expanddrawingdown"]
    • Radial: expand drawing left ["expanddrawingleft"]
    • Radial: pointer menu {also: add spell action menu, CT add effect to list} ["pointer"]
    • Radial: pointer arrow ["pointer_arrow"]
    • Radial: pointer cone {also: short rest, clear short effects} ["pointer_cone"]
    • Radial: pointer circle {also: long rest, clear all effects, clear initiatives} ["pointer_circle"]
    • Radial: pointer square ["pointer_square"]
    • Radial: delete pointer {also: delete spell action, CT delete effect in list} ["deletepointer"]
    • Radial: delete all pointers ["deleteallpointers"]
    • Radial: delete pin ["shortcutdelete"]

    Combat Tracker
    • Button: menu ["button_menu"]["button_menu_down"]
    • Button: next round ["button_ctnextround"]["button_ctnextround_down"]
    • Button: next actor ["button_ctnextactor"]["button_ctnextaction_down"]
    • Button: quicklist ["button_quicklist"]["button_quicklist_down"]
    • Button: expand targeting ["button_section_targeting"]["button_section_targeting_down"]
    • Button: targeting grab ["button_targeting"]["button_targeting_down"]
    • Button: expand abilities ["button_fist"]["button_fist_down"]
    • Button: expand offense ["button_sword"]["button_sword_down"]
    • Button: expand space ["button_space"]["button_space_down"]
    • Button: expand effects ["button_effect"]["button_effect_down"]
    • Button: actor visibility ["visibilityon"]["visibilityoff"]
    • Button: effect visibility ["button_toggle_visible"]["button_toggle_gm"]
    • Button: effect active ["button_toggle_on"]["button_toggle_skip"]["button_toggle_off"]
    • Button: effect expire ["button_toggle_all"]["button_toggle_action"]["button_toggle_roll"]["button_toggle_single"]
    • Button: effect target ["button_toggle_self"]["button_toggle_trgt"]
    • Frame: combat tracker window ["ctbox"]
    • Frame: group box ["ct_subgroupbox"]
    • Frame: no-faction actor ["ctentrybox"]["ctentrybox_active"]
    • Frame: friendly actor ["ctentrybox_friend"]["ctentrybox_friend_active"]
    • Frame: neutral actor ["ctentrybox_neutral"]["ctentrybox_neutral_active"]
    • Frame: hostile actor ["ctentrybox_foe"]["ctentrybox_foe_active"]
    • Frame: effect duration box ["durationadjustment"]
    • Icon: no faction ["ct_faction_empty"]
    • Icon: friendly faction ["ct_faction_friend"]
    • Icon: neutral faction ["ct_faction_neutral"]
    • Icon: hostile faction ["ct_faction_foe"]
    • Icon: turn socket ["ct_passive"]
    • Icon: current turn ["ct_active"]
    • Icon: drag targeting ["drag_targeting"]
    • Radial: roll PCs initiative ["portrait"]
    • Radial: initiative menu {also: target all allies} ["turn"]

    Party Sheet
    • Frame: party sheet window ["partysheet"]
    • Frame: character entry box ["partysheetentry"]
    • Frame: small toolbar button row ["toolbar_20"]
    • Icon: order tab label ["tab_order"]
    • Icon: XP tab label ["tab_xp"]
    • Icon: small toolbar drawing mode ["tool_paint_20"]
    • Icon: small toolbar erase mode ["tool_erase_20"]

    Chat Window
    • Button: poll chioce ["poll_empty"]["poll_check"]["poll_negative"]
    • Frame: chat window ["chatbox"]
    • Frame: text input ["chatentry"]
    • Frame: drop highlight ["chatboxhilight"]
    • Frame: speech bubble ["chatframe_chat"]
    • Frame: flavor text ["chatframe_story"]
    • Frame: chat roll ["diebox"]
    • Icon: normal chat mode ["chat_speak"]
    • Icon: story chat mode ["chat_story"]
    • Icon: action chat mode ["chat_action"]
    • Icon: ooc chat mode ["chat_ooc"]
    • Icon: emote chat mode ["chat_emote"]
    • Icon: GM typing ["chat_wait"]
    • Icon: GM halt ["indicator_stop"]
    • Icon: GM afk ["indicator_prompt"]
    • Icon: hidden roll ["gmdieicon"]
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    • Icon: chat dice tower ["dicetower_icon"]
    • Icon: chat cast ["roll_cast"]
    • Icon: chat attack ["roll_attack"]
    • Icon: chat attack miss ["roll_attack_miss"]
    • Icon: chat attack hit ["roll_attack_hit"]
    • Icon: chat attack crit ["roll_attack_crit"]
    • Icon: chat damage ["roll_damage"]
    • Icon: chat heal ["roll_heal"]
    • Icon: chat effect ["roll_effect"]
    • Icon: chat current turn ["turn_flag"]
    • Icon: chat item transfer ["coins"]
    • Icon: chat black d4 ["d4icon"]
    • Icon: chat black d6 ["d6icon"]
    • Icon: chat black d8 ["d8icon"]
    • Icon: chat black d10 ["d10icon"]
    • Icon: chat black d12 ["d12icon"]
    • Icon: chat black d20 ["d20icon"]
    • Icon: chat red d4 ["d4ricon"]
    • Icon: chat red d6 ["d6ricon"]
    • Icon: chat red d8 ["d8ricon"]
    • Icon: chat red d10 ["d10ricon"]
    • Icon: chat red d12 ["d12ricon"]
    • Icon: chat red d20 ["d20ricon"]
    • Icon: chat green d4 ["d4gicon"]
    • Icon: chat green d6 ["d6gicon"]
    • Icon: chat green d8 ["d8gicon"]
    • Icon: chat green d10 ["d10gicon"]
    • Icon: chat green d12 ["d12gicon"]
    • Icon: chat green d20 ["d20gicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d4 ["d4bicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d6 ["d6bicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d8 ["d8bicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d10 ["d10bicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d12 ["d12bicon"]
    • Icon: chat blue d20 ["d20bicon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d4 ["d4picon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d6 ["d6picon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d8 ["d8picon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d10 ["d10picon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d12 ["d12picon"]
    • Icon: chat purple d20 ["d20picon"]
    • Radial: copy to clipboard ["chatclipboard"]
    • Radial: display dice only ["crossed"]
    • Radial: display total {also: table step 1} ["equals"]
    • Radial: halve total ["halve"]
    • Radial: double total ["double"]
    • Radial: invert sign of total ["negate"]
    • Radial: GM afk icon ["prompt"]
    • Radial: halt icon {also: player afk, CT clear effects menu} ["hand"]
    • Radial: clear chat window ["chatclear"]
    • Radial: stop logging ["logoff"]
    • Radial: resume logging ["log"]

    • Button: combat tracker ["button_ct"]["button_ct_down"]
    • Button: party sheet ["button_partysheet"]["button_partysheet_down"]
    • Button: options ["button_options"]["button_options_down"]
    • Button: calendar ["button_calendar"]["button_calendar_down"]
    • Button: color picker ["button_color"]["button_color_down"]
    • Button: lighting ["button_light"]["button_light_down"]
    • Button: modifier window ["button_modifiers"]["button_modifiers_down"]
    • Button: effects window ["button_effects"]["button_effects_down"]
    • Button: character select ["button_characters"]["button_characters_down"]
    • Button: maps ["button_maps"]["button_maps_down"]
    • Button: npcs ["button_people"]["button_people_down"]
    • Button: items ["button_items"]["button_items_down"]
    • Button: notes ["button_notes"]["button_notes_down"]
    • Button: tables ["button_tables"]["button_tables_down"]
    • Button: backgrounds ["button_backgrounds"]["button_backgrounds_down"]
    • Button: classes ["button_classes"]["button_classes_down"]
    • Button: feats ["button_feats"]["button_feats_down"]
    • Button: races ["button_races"]["button_races_down"]
    • Button: skills ["button_skills"]["button_skills_down"]
    • Button: spells ["button_spells"]["button_spells_down"]
    • Button: library ["button_library"]["button_library_down"]
    • Button: tokens ["button_tokencase"]["button_tokencase_down"]
    • Button: encounters ["button_encounters"]["button_encounters_down"]
    • Button: parcels ["button_parcels"]["button_parcels_down"]
    • Button: quests ["button_quests"]["button_quests_down"]
    • Icon: first index page ["masterindex_page_start"]
    • Icon: previous index page ["masterindex_page_prev"]
    • Icon: next index page ["masterindex_page_next"]
    • Icon: last index page ["masterindex_page_end"]

    Token Bag
    • Frame: token bag window ["tokenbag"]
    • Frame: token hotbar ["tokenbagbar"]
    • Button: edit-zoom in ["button_zoomin"]["button_zoomin_down"]
    • Button: edit-zoom out ["button_zoomout"]["button_zoomout_down"]
    • Icon: token bag ["tokenbag"]
    • Icon: shared token bag ["tokenbagshared"]
    • Icon: up one level ["tokenbagup"]
    • Icon: goto top level ["tokenbagtop"]
    • Radial: arrange tokens {also: token selection modes} ["arrangegrid"]
    • Radial: shuffle tokens {also: module revert changes, roll all initiatives} ["shuffle"]
    • Radial: zoom in ["tokenbagzoom"]
    • Radial: zoom out ["tokenbagzoomout"]
    • Radial: reset zoom ["tokenbagreset"]
    • Radial: clear bag slot ["tokenbagclear"]

    Prominent Elements

    • Frame: name number box ["tokennumber"]
    • Icon: token socket ["token_empty"]
    • Icon: token facing [file=token_facing]
    • Icon: health bar ["healthbar"]
    • Icon: health dot ["healthdot"]
    • Icon: more effects ["cond_more"]
    • Icon: generic effect ["cond_generic"]
    • Icon: bonus effect ["cond_bonus"]
    • Icon: penalty effect ["cond_penalty"]
    • Icon: effect cover ["cond_cover"]
    • Icon: effect immunity ["cond_immune"]
    • Icon: effect resistance ["cond_resist"]
    • Icon: effect vulnerability ["cond_vuln"]
    • Icon: effect ongoing damage ["cond_ongoing"]
    • Icon: effect regeneration ["cond_regen"]
    • Icon: effect blinded ["cond_blinded"]
    • Icon: effect charmed ["cond_charmed"]
    • Icon: effect deafened ["cond_deafened"]
    • Icon: effect encumbered ["cond_encumbered"]
    • Icon: effect frightened ["cond_frightened"]
    • Icon: effect grappled ["cond_grappled"]
    • Icon: effect incorporeal ["cond_incorporeal"]
    • Icon: effect invisible ["cond_invisible"]
    • Icon: effect paralyzed ["cond_paralyzed"]
    • Icon: effect prone ["cond_prone"]
    • Icon: effect restrained ["cond_restrained"]
    • Icon: effect stunned ["cond_stunned"]
    • Icon: effect unconscious ["cond_unconscious"]
    • Radial: delete token ["deletetoken"]
    • Radial: delete all tokens {also: award xp} ["deletealltokens"]
    • Radial: rotate clockwise {also: image resize vertical} ["rotatecw"]
    • Radial: retate counterclockwise {also: image resize horizontal} ["rotateccw"]
    • Radial: lock token movement ["locktoken"]
    • Radial: unlock token movement ["unlocktoken"]
    • Radial: accept token movement ["tokenacceptmove"]
    • Radial: lock token scale ["lockzoom"]
    • Radial: reset single token scale ["tokenresetscale"]
    • Radial: release token scale ["unlockzoom"]
    • Radial: token visibility menu ["tokenvisibility"]
    • Radial: always visible {also: grant rest} ["lockvisibilityon"]
    • Radial: always invisible ["lockvisibilityoff"]
    • Radial: mask-based visibility ["maskvisibility"]

    Modifier Stack
    • Frame: modifier edit highlight ["modstackfocus"]
    • Icon: modifier stack ["modcollector"]
    • Icon: active modifier ["modcollector_counter"]

    • Button: load module ["module_unloaded"]["module_loading"]["module_loaded"]["module_unloading"]
    • Button: permissions ["module_statenone"]["module_statepending"]["module_stateblocked"]["module_stateallowed"]
    • Frame: selection box ["moduleselectentry"]
    • Icon: public entry ["record_public"]
    • Icon: shared entry ["record_shared"]
    • Icon: read only entry ["record_readonly"]
    • Icon: unaltered record ["record_intact"]
    • Icon: altered record ["record_dirty"]
    • Icon: has tokens ["module_hastokens"]
    • Icon: remote module ["module_remote"]

    • Button: edit-add table ["button_add_table_guided"]["button_add_table_guided_down"]
    • Icon: insert column ["button_col_insert"]
    • Icon: delete column ["button_col_delete"]
    • Radial: more options ["radial_plus"]

    • Frame: calendar window ["calendar"]
    • Frame: calendar selection box ["calendarselectentry"]
    • Frame: month box ["calendarmonthentry"]
    • Frame: log list window ["campaignlistwithtabs"]
    • Frame: current day highlight ["calendarhighlight"]
    • Icon: calendar ["calendar"]
    • Icon: visible log ["dot_red"]
    • Icon: GM log ["dot_blue"]
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    Utility Windows
    • Frame: windows (manual rolls, options) ["utilitybox"]
    • Frame: windows (color picker, lighting, portrait select) ["utilitybox2"]
    • Frame: windows (prompt, effects, modifiers, reference manual, export, language options, library, module activation, asset indexes, item forge) ["utilitybox3"]
    • Icon: day lighting ["lighting_day"]
    • Icon: night lighting ["lighting_night"]
    • Icon: fire lighting ["lighting_fire"]
    • Icon: forest lighting ["lighting_forest"]
    • Icon: color picker base ["colorgizmo_base"]
    • Icon: color picker main orb ["colorgizmo_color"]
    • Icon: color picker main shading ["colorgizmo_effects"]
    • Icon: color picker big button ["colorgizmo_bigbtn_base"]
    • Icon: color picker big orb ["colorgizmo_bigbtn_color"]
    • Icon: color picker big shading ["colorgizmo_bigbtn_effects"]
    • Icon: color picker medium button ["colorgizmo_medbtn_base"]
    • Icon: color picker medium orb ["colorgizmo_medbtn_color"]
    • Icon: color picker medium shading ["colorgizmo_medbtn_effects"]
    • Icon: color picker small button ["colorgizmo_smlbtn_base"]
    • Icon: color picker small orb ["colorgizmo_smlbtn_color"]
    • Icon: color picker small shading ["colorgizmo_smlbtn_effects"]
    • Icon: color picker invert numbers ["colorgizmo_bigbtn_text"]

    Item Forge
    • Icon: transparent decal ["forge_transicon"]
    • Icon: blank ["forge_blank"]
    • Icon: ok ["forge_ok"]
    • Icon: error ["forge_error"]
    • Icon: gear ["forge_item_advgear"]
    • Icon: armor ["forge_item_armor"]
    • Icon: mount ["forge_item_mount"]
    • Icon: tool ["forge_item_tool"]
    • Icon: vehicle ["forge_item_vehicle"]
    • Icon: weapon ["forge_item_weapon"]
    • Icon: magic armor ["forge_magicitem_armor"]
    • Icon: magic potion ["forge_magicitem_potion"]
    • Icon: magic ring ["forge_magicitem_ring"]
    • Icon: magic rod ["forge_magicitem_rod"]
    • Icon: magic scroll ["forge_magicitem_scroll"]
    • Icon: magic staff ["forge_magicitem_staff"]
    • Icon: magic wand ["forge_magicitem_wand"]
    • Icon: magic weapon ["forge_magicitem_weapon"]
    • Icon: magic item ["forge_magicitem_wondrousitem"]
    • Icon: magic spell ["forge_magicspell"]

    Portraits and Character List
    • Frame: active GM actor name ["id_active"]
    • Frame: inactive GM actor name ["id_inactive"]
    • Frame: portrait name ["mini_name"]
    • Icon: portrait frame ["charlist_base"]
    • Icon: portrait mask ["charlist_mask"]
    • Icon: chat portrait frame ["portraitchat_base"]
    • Icon: chat portrait mask ["portraitchat_mask"]
    • Icon: chat GM ["portrait_gm_token"]
    • Icon: portrait as token frame ["portraittoken_base"]
    • Icon: token portrait mask ["portraittoken_mask"]
    • Icon: shared list portrait frame ["miniportrait_base"]
    • Icon: shared list portrait mask ["miniportrait_mask"]
    • Icon: color dot ["charlist_pointer"]
    • Icon: inspiration star ["charlist_inspiration"]
    • Icon: player typing ["charlist_typing"]
    • Icon: inactive player ["charlist_idling"]
    • Icon: player afk ["charlist_afk"]
    • Radial: ring bell ["bell"]
    • Radial: kick from server ["kick"]
    • Radial: confirm kick ["kickconfirm"]

    • Button: refresh CR ["button_enc_refreshcr"]["button_enc_refreshcr_down"]
    • Button: refresh XP ["button_enc_refreshxp"]["button_enc_refreshxp_down"]

    Reference Window
    • Frame: reference window ["recordsheet"]
    • Frame: reference list window ["referencelist"]
    • Frame: ref manual page window ["referencepage"]
    • Frame: ref manual page header ["headerref"]
    • Frame: ref manual chapter background ["reference-chapter"]
    • Frame: ref manual section background ["reference-section"]
    • Frame: ref manual sidebar text frame ["referenceblock-sidebar"]
    • Frame: ref manual text1 frame ["referenceblock-text1"]
    • Frame: ref manual text2 frame ["referenceblock-text2"]
    • Frame: ref manual text3 frame ["referenceblock-text3"]
    • Frame: ref manual text4 frame ["referenceblock-text4"]
    • Frame: ref manual text5 frame ["referenceblock-text5"]
    • Frame: ref manual book text frame ["referenceblock-book"]
    • Frame: ref manual page text frame ["referenceblock-page"]
    • Frame: ref manual picture text frame ["referenceblock-picture"]
    • Frame: ref manual pink text frame ["referenceblock-pink"]
    • Frame: ref manual blue text frame ["referenceblock-blue"]
    • Frame: ref manual brown text frame ["referenceblock-brown"]
    • Frame: ref manual green text frame ["referenceblock-green"]

    • Frame: main desktop ["desktop"]
    • Frame: sidebar strip ["shortcuts"]
    • Frame: dice tower ["dicetower_normal"]
    • Frame: dice tower hover ["dicetower_drop"]
    • Frame: hotkey box ["hotkeybox"]
    • Frame: number box ["hotkeytitlebox"]
    • Radial: reset dice ["arrangedice"]
    • Radial: set dice positions ["lockdice"]
    • Radial: default dice positions ["unlockdice"]
    • Radial: customdice ["customdice"]
    • Radial: edit hotkey text ["hotkeyedit"]
    • Radial: clear hotkey ["hotkeyclear"]

    Stories and Notes
    • Frame: story/notes window ["storybox"]
    • Radial: paragraph type menu ["textparagraphtypes"]
    • Radial: body text type ["textbody"]
    • Radial: heading text type ["texttitle"]
    • Radial: speech bubble text type ["textchat"]
    • Radial: assign speaker ["assignspeaker"]
    • Radial: list text type {also: reparse spell actions} ["textlist"]
    • Radial: link text type ["textlink"]
    • Radial: table text type ["texttableh"]
    • Radial: text formatting menu ["textformatting"]
    • Radial: bold text ["bold"]
    • Radial: italic text ["italics"]
    • Radial: underlined text ["underline"]

    Minor Elements

    Character Selection
    • Frame: character selection window ["charselect"]
    • Frame: selection box ["charselectentry"]
    • Button: edit-import ["button_import"]["button_import_down"]
    • Button: edit-export ["button_export"]["button_export_down"]

    Minimized Icons
    • Icon: altered glow ["minimized_glow"]
    • Icon: image ["minimized_image"]
    • Icon: encounter ["minimized_combat"]
    • Icon: item ["minimized_item"]
    • Icon: npc ["minimized_npc"]
    • Icon: utility ["minimized_utility"]
    • Icon: reference ["minimized_reference"]
    • Icon: note ["minimized_note"]
    • Icon: story ["minimized_encounter"]

    Action Groups
    • Button: attack ["button_action_attack"]["button_action_attack_down"]
    • Button: damage ["button_action_damage"]["button_action_damage_down"]
    • Button: heal ["button_action_heal"]["button_action_heal_down"]
    • Button: effect ["button_action_effect"]["button_action_effect_down"]
    • Icon: use power ["usepower"]
    • Icon: weapon group ["power_weapon"]
    • Icon: preparation casting ["power_casterprep"]
    • Icon: spontaneous casting ["power_casterspontaneous"]
    • Icon: spell cast ["spell_cast"]
    • Icon: spell damage ["spell_damage"]
    • Icon: spell heal ["spell_heal"]
    • Icon: spell effect ["spell_effect"]
    • Radial: add cast action ["radial_sword"]
    • Radial: add damage action ["radial_damage"]
    • Radial: add heal action ["radial_heal"]
    • Radial: add effect action ["radial_effect"]

    Manage Characters
    • Button: point buy cost toggle ["button_statpointmode"]["button_statpointmode_down"]
    • Frame: die cup ["collector"]
    • Frame: chat window ["localchatbox"]
    • Frame: roll box ["localrollbox"]
    • Icon: horizontal tab line ["tabhorizontal"]
    • Icon: stat rolled ["local_statrolled"]

    (These graphics are not used by FG but are the basis of other graphics that are.)
    • Button: blank wide button [file=button_blank][file=button_blank_down]
    • Button: blank square button [file=button_blank_small][file=button_blank_small_down]
    • Icon: blank drag action [file=action_blank]
    • Icon: blank radial action [file=icon_blank]
    • Icon: blank minimized asset [file=minimized]
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    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    ** reserved **
    stupid character limit...

    Didn't need it after all. Well, I'll keep it for overflow in case I need to add a bunch more.
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    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    A new Developer Assets area.... interesting. We'll have to see what we can do about filling that up.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    One really pesky one to find (it took like days for me to figure this one out), that is not included in your list is:

    It's located here:
    CoreRPG / graphics / toolbar / toolbar_back.png

    The file that you'll need to include to override this (as well as all the files listed below) is: CoreRPG / common / template_toolbar.xml

    What it is...

    There are also all of the other toolbar buttons in that same folder, which don't appear to be in your list.

    <icon name="tool_toggle_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_toggle_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_select_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_select_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_paint_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_paint_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_erase_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_erase_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_mask_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_mask_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_grid_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_grid_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_left_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_arrow_left_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_right_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_arrow_right_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_up_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_arrow_up_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_down_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_arrow_down_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_plus_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_plus_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_minus_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_minus_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_target_select_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_target_select_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_target_clear_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_target_clear_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_target_enemies_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_target_enemies_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_target_allies_30" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_target_allies_30.png" />
    <icon name="tool_paint_20" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_paint_20.png" />
    <icon name="tool_erase_20" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_erase_20.png" />
    <icon name="tool_mask_20" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_mask_20.png" />
    <icon name="tool_unmask_20" file="graphics/toolbar/tool_unmask_20.png" />

    ^^^^ what all these are:

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    My biggest piece of advice for figuring out what each of the art assets is, and where it's positioned is to go and change the art asset to a really bright / obnoxious color (#00FF00), then go hunt around for it in the extension you're creating. Then once you know where it's located in the User Interface, then you'll know what you're editing. The one thing you're going to find out is that when you look at each individual art asset on it's own, it's going to look identical to the last one you just looked at. You're going to find some surprises this way. You will also get a feeling for how large the asset is in the user interface... a lot of them have a pixel area that is larger than the image which appears in the UI, there is a lot of use of transparency in the CoreRPG, so knowing how much of the area that is figured into the original art asset that you should use becomes important as well.

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    I knew about the toolbar buttons and background and planned to add those to the Maps entry. Though I skipped the graphics as they didn't appear in the files I was looking in. Forget to go looking for them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ll00ll00ll00ll View Post
    My biggest piece of advice for figuring out what each of the art assets is, and where it's positioned is to go and change the art asset to a really bright / obnoxious color (#00FF00), then go hunt around for it in the extension you're creating. Then once you know where it's located in the User Interface, then you'll know what you're editing.
    I was already familiar with this method, but I prefer to use find-in-files to see where the ruleset is assigning the graphic. It's much quicker and can show when an asset is used for multiple things.

    Quote Originally Posted by ll00ll00ll00ll View Post
    You will also get a feeling for how large the asset is in the user interface... a lot of them have a pixel area that is larger than the image which appears in the UI, there is a lot of use of transparency in the CoreRPG, so knowing how much of the area that is figured into the original art asset that you should use becomes important as well.
    I am surprised that you know about the difference in graphic dimensions and FG UI pixel area since testing your theme I found that you didn't seem to change any of the pixel areas to match the graphics that you changed the size of (resulting in instances where clicking something in your theme has the functionality of something else nearby). You copied the asset declarations that set the pixel area (even whole windowclasses and lua file rather than merging the changes which I imagine will cause you hella conflicts with other extensions and updates), but it doesn't look like you changed any of the number to match the new sizes of your graphics.

    Changing the graphic size is frustrating as it requires alterations to the window bounds, offsets, margins and placement of embedded objects like scrollbars and resize handles. I was surprised to see that you decided to go that route.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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