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    Voicemeeter Potato, Discord and Syrinscape question

    With the additional inputs in potato and running 4 virtual cable inputs (A-D), is it now possible to run sounds and a mic through one instance of discord?

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    Discord only has one audio input channel and one audio output channel.

    So in order to pipe syrinscape into discord with only a single instance, you need to mix the syrinscape audio with your voice audio. You can use Potato and the virtual cables to achieve that. You need to set up syrinscape to not use the default audio, but to instead output to a virtual cable. Here is a video where I go over that among other audio things.

    Here is an example setup that will do what you are wanting.
    In VM: Voicemeeter Input and Voicemeeter Output are set as default Playback and Recording devices.
    In VM: Headset Mic Outputs to B1 (Voicemeeter Output)
    Syrinscape is set to playback to Cable-A Input.
    In VM: Cable-A Output is set to output to B1 (Voicemeeter Output)
    In Discord: Input Device is set to VoiceMeeter Output
    In Discord: Output Device is set to Voicemeeter Input.

    What you are essentially doing here is combining your voice from the microphone with the output of syrinscape. then passing them both into discord as audio. If you do it this way, you cannot separate the volume of the two, but it does work. You will still have the issue of discord not playing cleanly because of push to talk delays or voice activity check delays. But the audio will pipe through.
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