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    Mapventures - The Oath of Kortis (FG Module & E-book)

    I am happy to announce the release of
    The Oath of Kortis

    The Oath of Kortis comes as a Fantasy Grounds Module and a 28 page d20 System adventure for 3-5 players of level 3-4. The Fantasy Grounds module is created with the newest version (1.05) of the online RPG desktop and features shortcuts and links for easy navigation within the module. In the FG module some maps come in a GM and a player version. The adventure comes with artwork, encounter tables, new magical items & complete statblocks. Furthermore you will recieve a 8 page booklet containing 7 high quality color maps.You can download a free PDF on the Mapventures website containing rules for scaling the adventure to higher character levels.The adventure is set in the small community of Eissackdale and is easy adaptable for any setting.

    The product contains:
    -Fantasy Grounds Module
    -A 28-page PDF E-book of the adventure
    -A 8-page "Book of Maps" containing 7 high quality maps.
    -New tokens for Fantasy Grounds

    Here are some screenshots:

    and the tokens:

    You can see the PDF as a demo here:
    Oath of Kortis Demo

    More details here:
    Mapventures- The Oath of Kortis

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    I wrote this on the AD site, but for those that will only see this here:

    As someone that was happy to help my European friend with some editing of this module, the time and care that Ilwan took to create this module is exactly what I want to see in user-created modules for use with FG:

    • * a well-thought out story
      * maps
      * images
      * tokens
      * the use of shortcuts linking all the info together
    And if you are looking for more of a pen and paper module to run during a table session, this effort will serve you just as well.

    Someday I hope to publish my own FG content, and you can be sure I will be using this as my creation model. Instead of simply reformatting a story into an FG module, Ilwan has taken the time to utilize all the reasons we love using FG as a virtual tabletop... especially the visual elements mentioned above.

    Congratulations on a great effort, Ilwan!
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    Congrats Ilwan! The PDF demo looks great.

    One question though.... Just for fun.

    It looks like in the screen shot for the play of the game, one of the players is using my cone AOE token. Nice to see that someone used it and it ended up in a commercial venture! (Makes me glad that I did them.) Am I right on this? If so, that is real cool!

    Cheers, you made my day,

    Ultimate Licence holder

    I've had FG for so LONG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

    But I'm learning!

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    I did use them in the screenshot, but did not include them in the download, cuz at that time I didnt have your permission. Now that I got it, I would like to include them. First I might add them as free download on my website, before RPGNow approved the change. Is that OK with you?

    The tokens that are included are shown in the post above.
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    I looked at this earlier on your site Ilwan, and it is very nice, will be buying it shortly. The price is right, just judging from the cursory look, looks well worth the 6.50. Very nice indeed. Grai
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    I offer a sale of the product throughout november. You can get the product for 5 bucks this month.

    I also would like a review from customers so far and maybe experiences with running the adventure.

    Visit RPGNOW to buy
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    I bought it yesterday and I am impressed
    When I have taken a closer look, I will write you a review at RPGNow :wink:

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    Thanks Kepli.
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    Extra Material

    I have published the appendix containing stats for adjusting the adventure to a character level of 7-9. Its a 12 page PDF containing level adjustments for all NPC´s and improvement of the encounters.

    Find the PDF file here:
    Fantasy Adventures, Maps & Electronic Modules

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    Throughout the next 2 weeks, the module will be available on sale for 5.00 $ and the PDF only for 4.00 $.

    Fantasy Adventures, Maps & Electronic Modules

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