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Thread: Reset Hit Dice?

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    I must have worded it wrong "Dice have been removed from my players character sheets, also another problem is when I right click player's character sheets and click Long Rest it isn't restoring their Hit Dice"

    I know how to add the now missing damage Dice back (for spells, weapons) and how to remove them that wasn't the issue, its the Fact that it happen and now i have to fix it. (even tho this shouldn't be the case)

    What I don't know is how to Fix it or to prevent this from randomly happening again and how to fix the Bug that is the Hit Dice an the Dice being removed from players character sheets.

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    I'm not sure I correctly understand your problem, but lets see what I can help figure out. If this doesn't help, can you post screen shots and you step through the issue?

    First, my experience is that your players are probably doing something wrong, simple because they don't know the proper method.

    So, on the first tab of the character sheet at the bottom is the Hit Dice;
    Screen Shot 11-10-19 at 02.34 PM.PNG

    When you click on the magnifying glass to the left of the HD the Health Cal window opens as shown. Make sure the PC sheet looks similar.

    To use a hit die, the player can drag the die to their character on the CT (or double click too, I think).

    Make sure the PC is on the CT when you apply a long rest from the CT menu.

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    The problem is this the Hit Dice are not there and are not coming back, resetting, being restored, or adding when I click Long Rest, whether or not if try, Leveling them, or even drop the dice on the hit dice box.
    MY players were not the cause of this problem I updated and then this happen, no one was online looking or messing with player character sheets.
    this seems more of a BUG or a Coding error. b/c it is not just my one player character sheets it is all of them and any new ones i make.
    I have no extensions, i have not done anything different or downloaded anything to effect FG other than updating it.

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    I suspect what has happened here is that the hit dice has been cleared from the Class & Level data dialog. Click the magnifying glass at the right hand of the line at the top of the sheet where it says class & Level and you will almost certainly find that the HD is missing. Drag the correct dice and drop it into the box and everything will restore.

    If this is happening in a new campaign with no extensions then find your FGData folder (click the small folder icon top right of the start screen) and find the rulesets folder. Delete the 5e.pak file and then update FG. If that doesn't cure the issue delete the 5e.pak and the CoreRPG.pak files and then update.

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read far enough back. Since there is more than just the HD issue I would do the above. It looks like your ruleset didn't update properly.
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    TY this (Delete the 5e.pak file and then update FG.) fixed the issue for making new character sheets. I'm going through and fixing the HD now TYVM

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