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    Yost's Sunday Night Game

    Everything is working quite well. Sunday's game is a go.

    Just to clear things up about character generation.

    My prefered method is 4d6, disgarding the lowest roll...then arranging the scores to your preference as you roll them..I.E

    I roll 4d6 and get 6, 4, 4, 2...I throw out the two..for a 14..I'm wanting a fighter/mage elf...I use this as his strenght score.

    I am also open to a point buy system. 28 points is what I'll use. I run low magic games and you attributes are important.

    Bertram, you'll need to reroll I think as I believe we miscommunicated about the character generation method. PM me if you wish.

    Right now, this campaign has Bertram, Serpent(who will be missing next week), LeapofFaith...I had two other requests to join, and a good friend will also be with us. I will run 5 players only at this time.

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    Ill be there, may be a little late since I dont get off work til 6 GMT -8, so Ill need to clean up, eat, then Ill log on.

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    Re: Game is on for Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yost

    I am also open to a point buy system. 28 points is what I'll use. I run low magic games and you attributes are important.

    I think everyone should use the point system so there is no dispute over stats especially if we do not roll in front of you. Especially since there is 5 people playing we will all be "equal". I use the point system since the players can get characters done completely and I dont have to worry about cheating or rolling characters up before the session so we get more accomplished, especially since you will be playing for 4 hours.

    BTW what are the other 2 people playing? I preferr a deverse group. 1 of each class in a group preferrably. So everyone is good at something.

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    The other two have not reported in yet. I'll get them to commit to something.

    So far we have a Ranger, Fighter and a wizard. I think all human..except the mage...he is half-elven.

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    Actually I am multi classing Ranger/Rogue and a little fighter and yes he will be human. But what method are we using? Rolling up stats first game session or the 28 points? And if 28 points what do our main stats start at?

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    The Irony Games Dice Roller is a great way to send a DM rolls for hit points and stats. It uses PGP encryption, so the DM can verify that the roll is accurate.


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    Start at 8. Use the 28 point buy. 1 point each up to 14 etc...

    I will allow you to roll your pc on Sunday if you prefer that method. Its completely up to you.

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    Which Version? 1.05c or 1.05d?


    What version do we need to be running? I'm still on version 1.05c, but 1.05d was released a day or two ago. I know 1.05c has stability issues and other problems, but I wanted some others to be guinea pigs for 1.05d so I have not upgraded yet. however, if you have upgraded to 1.05d - then I'll go ahead and do that.

    P.S. If I don't hear from you, and I get the message that I cannot connect, I'll do the 1.05d update.

    -Prince Bertram

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    Still using 1.05c...

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    im back, game still on for this sunday?, did you all start last sunday or was there still login problems?
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