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    confused when starting my first campaign in RMC

    I purchased and installed FGU and Rolemaster Classic from this site.
    I can open FGU and load RMC ruleset. I have the links on the right and chat window on the left, so I guess it loaded correctly.
    After that I am very confused on how to do anything. Watching a video on how to make an NPC I get stuck pretty much right away.
    I click on the Module tab and it shows the books I have. Clicking on the books, doesn't open them, but they do have the green check on some, meaning I purchased them, right? When I click on the book it gives me a left arrow, which I think would mean I would load that book into my campaign.
    Then I go to the Library tab and it doesn't show any modules in the box.
    I feel like something isn't working right.
    I'd like to create a character to start, so I can let my players start working on their characters while I figure out the rest of the game. Clicking on characters shows only an empty box. The up arrow opens the Import Character, which opens my Documents folder for where I guess I should store a created character - but no idea how to create one.

    Can someone provide some guidance on how to create a character? And if it is just issues with FGU being in beta.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Malleable View Post
    When I click on the book it gives me a left arrow, which I think would mean I would load that book into my campaign.
    The left arrow means drag to the left to open the book.

    See the "In some older ruleset..." info here:
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    Ok I feel stupid. I will play around a bit more now that I have books opened.

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    Hi Malleable,

    Are you using the live channel with RolemasterClassic v1.8 or the test channel with RolemasterClassic v2.0? The two versions have some significant difference with them so it will help to understand what you are seeing.


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    Thanks. I completely forgot about the different channels. I will lean towards the Test as it seems to be more up to date.
    Also, how is the RMFRG extension (I guess it is only 1.8 compatible).
    I do prefer RMFRG to RMC. Does it fully convert to RMFRG? Character skill tables are in RMFRG?


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    Yes, RMC v2.0 is definitely more up to date but you might encounter some issues since I am still fixing some bugs with it.

    I know Ardem is working on the RMFRP compatibility with RMC v2.0.

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    Will RMC Companion I be implemented any time soon?
    Are background options part of character creation?


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    I am hoping to implement Rolemaster Companion 1. I've already done an initial review. It will need some of the things I have planned for v2.1 so it will be after that.

    Background options are a manual process but, the tables are in the Fantasy Grounds Tables section so you can roll on the tables and drag the result from the chat to the Notes tab on the character sheet.

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