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    How about getting in touch with SmiteWorks and see if you could do an official conversion? This helps get the products out there, and gives you a little bit of compensation for your time. If you're doing the conversion anyway...
    Thank you. I did

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    Any word, official or otherwise on PF2 support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMReckless View Post
    Any word, official or otherwise on PF2 support?
    Yes, lots.

    There is a specific Pathfinder 2 forum, where you can find lots of info about it.

    There will be a basic Pathfinder 2 ruleset that is free to all license holders. There will also be modules available for the core rules, the bestiary and the Adventure paths. The aim is to have these books available on release day.

    This is pretty much the same amount of support that first edition currently has.

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