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    @dragonheels and @valyar, there is a fixed version in the TEST channel, please can you confirm that the issues are fixed and that I didn't break anything else?
    Hello @ianmward !
    It seems correct now. Only 'problem' is if I change a CON or TAI value afterwards. But it's a detail. Normally, one shouldn't change
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    We discovered problem with the Stuntman occupation in Investigator Handbook. The Drive Auto skill is misspelled to Drive Automobile and the automation in the skill pane does not work properly.
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    Further problems with spelling in the Occupations that prevent the automation from working and tagging skills as "Occupational":
    • Hacker
    • Computer Programmer/Tech

    Both have Electrical Repair, which is the proper spelling as per the books, but not what the character sheet and automation expects: Electr Repair.
    So far three occupations are not working and some don't have alternative that is properly set in the Reference module - the Hacker is OK in the reference for example.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Thanks for reporting these Valyar.
    I think Ive found and fixed them all and will send to SmiteWorks for patching.

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