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    Ok Ian,
    I did it: I downloaded the test build. I'm gonna test it this evening with the group!

    Thank you again,

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    Hi Alessandro,
    When opening FG, click on 'Settings' at the bottom on the left. At the bottom of the new window, you can choose the version you wanna use.
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    Hi alessandro - dont try change to a test build an hour before game. Your players will also need the test build and thats a lot of downloading for a lot of people.

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    damned thank you. I saw your message too late: I realized that the moment the first player couldn't connect to the game (wrong version message). I quickly reverted to the official release, we played normally and we had a great time.

    dragonheels, it seems we both posted the answer to my own question at the same moment. :-) Thank you for your help.


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    Hi Ian: I tested the Test Build.
    It worked like a charm for me:
    - Dodge now auto-updates correctly
    - So do Fighting and Firearms skills in the Main tab of the Character Sheet
    - Also, Languages in chat windows now are working correctly

    Other Fixes and Suggestions
    >> I think that in the "Admist the Ancient Tree" Module, the following NPCs have wrong Hit Points values (way too high): Carl White, James Stanton, Dean Walters, Richard Gibson. Their Hit Points are respectively 73, 63, 63, 63 instead of 17 as indicated in the (Italian) manual: Standard Servant of Gla'aki.

    >> In the character creation phase, the Max Hit Points value is calculated correclty, while the Current value is not: It is calculated only on CON/10 or SIZ/10 (instead of [CON+SIZ]/10), whichever you put in first.
    (I'm also not sure it would be appropriate to recalculate it everytime CON or SIZ changes, though, because I think of situations in which they could change during the game, while the current HP won't. Maybe only recalculate it when CON or SIZ change from being "0"? Or maybe simply highlight the fact in a "ruleset guide"?)

    >> While having a fight, yesterday evening, one of the playing character wanted to shoot an enemy at Long Range (and therefore, roll a HARD success with her Firearms.) To do so, she had to go in the Skills tab and choose the relevant skill, because the skills in the MELEE and RANGED sections in the Main tab don't allow to do so (they don't show Hard and Extreme values/boxes).
    It would be very useful to also have the Hard and Extreme boxes (1/2 and 1/5 value) for the combat skills in the MAIN tab too, near the Regular value.

    >> "m3" dice still not working properly in the radial menu for me.

    Is the CallOfCthulhu7E_Fix1 still necessary with the Test Build/New Build?

    How can I roll a "1d100 + bonus dice (one ore more)" without double clicking a specific skill value? If I select "+1B" and then right click d10 and select d100, it rolls 1d100 without the Bonus Dice.

    In conclusion, this ruleset is really great! Thank you for your excellent work!


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    Quote Originally Posted by alessandro View Post

    How can I roll a "1d100 + bonus dice (one ore more)" without double clicking a specific skill value? If I select "+1B" and then right click d10 and select d100, it rolls 1d100 without the Bonus Dice.
    I could suggest you to create a 'unskilled' skill. And you could use this too when having to roll a combined skill test. I did do that once and it did the job
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    Thankyou dragonheels,
    I hoped there was a more elegant solution, but your solution is definitely better than mine (no solution :-)).

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    How can I show the npcs health status in the map (health bar and effect icons to see at a glance who is dead, who is near death, etc.)? It's really useful when you have to GM an encounter with a dozen cultists and half a dozen investigators ;-)
    I tried changing the game options to "View: Health - Non-ally" to Detailed or Status, but to no avail.

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    Any chance of someone creating an extension to make Hit Points non auto-calc for Pulp Cthulhu?

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    Whenever I open one of the characters in my campaign (player not connected) he gains an indefinite insanity. I clear it close FG, restart FG, open the character and again he gains an indefinite insanity.

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