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    Bug with Digital Adventure's FG SRD ruleset

    I recently installed a full license copy of FG, and then copied in the d20-srd ruleset I purchased via rpgnow.com.

    Now, everytime I create a campaign using the d20-srd ruleset, the default 'desktop' of FG is missing the simulated woodgrain. Instead, I have a white background.

    Fantasy Grounds: full license v1.05c
    Digital Adventures: Complete SRD Ruleset with the SRD_fixes patch.

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? :?

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    Not a bug

    Now, everytime I create a campaign using the d20-srd ruleset, the default 'desktop' of FG is missing the simulated woodgrain. Instead, I have a white background.
    This is not a bug, rather, rather it is something to identify that the ruleset is the SRD ruleset. What you are refering to is the PNG file in the texures folder in FG's main directory/data folder.

    If you want to have your old default desktop back, you can ask Thore Ironrock how to change it back to the default desktop.


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    In the base.xml file you should have the following line:
    <desktopimage file="rulesets\AD&D_UA\textures\wood1.png" />

    If the line is already there, make sure the path is right and that the file is in that path.

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    Kevin from Digital Adventures responded back with:
    The background of the CSRD Ruleset is not the same as the standard d20 ruleset; it is slightly different. Now, if you have a completely white background, then that is an issue. I have never had this issue with anyone before, so I would need a bit more information to help you.

    So, it looks like there was no problem at all. Because I have my resolution so high on my laptop, the parchment-like image of the CSRD looked like a white background.

    Thanks to Kevin for the prompt response. It is refreshing to have the 'guys behind the scenes' right on top of things.

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    Thanks Rom!

    What Rom is not mentioning is that his resolution was set to 1900x1200 when he got this issue.

    Ville or Tero ... is this a limitation of the software? With someone of these new laptops with WIDE screens this might be something to put in a FAQ somewhere. I have a widescreen laptop, but mine doesn't do that high of a resolution (of which I am now jealous of Rom )

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    Don't be jealous Kevin. I had to concede ALOT with my wife just to get this laptop. Not only is it my desktop, music server, NWN server, FG server and DM screen (for 'in person' sessions with DMGenie) but it is also the baby's personal DVD player and my wife's Spider Solitare fix...LOL

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    Oh ... I'm not complaining as much as you think Rom. I have a brand new Alienware laptop, but the res doesn't go up as high as yours because I didn't get the top of the line video card.


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    Assuming I bought the SRD - what would it actually do for me? Seems like FG has pretty much got it all handled on its own so far, though granted I haven't dug into anything like psionics. I'm tempted to throw the $5 at it just to see, but I'm interested in what others have found out.

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    Gosh this is quite the day for answering my own questions. I just woke up to the product description at RPGnow. Intriguing.

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    I've bought it and like it quite a bit.

    Note: if you load it up and create a campaign using it, your players will auto-download it when they first login (which can take a while as its 10 megs in size).


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