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    Game tonight

    Im starting a single game today in 2 hours. (7pm gmt +1 ) If anyone would like to join feel free. (just join now we are creating characters there now besides.) After we start (7pm gmt+1) I will not accept people to join. When i got 5 people I wont accept more either. The game type is D&D 3.5 (the latest.)

    Only standard classes from the PHB. Method of getting attributes: 4d6 discard lowest dice. Arrange as you like.

    The adventure will be the "orcfest" adventure by digitaladventures. Please do not join if you have played this scenario before.

    Also this will be a test game for me so im quite new with d&d rules. Ive read the orcfest adventure so that should be ok.

    PM me if your interested and I will send ip to server. Please include in your PM what character you want to play.

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    Only one player so far. I will wait untill 9 pm gmt +1 to see if I get any more. (So you might still join if you like)

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    Two players so far and one that might join. We Could use one more player.

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    3 days to late.. but hey.. of i don't shoot, i'll definitly miss..

    so.. i'd like to play.. i got an arms dealer character ready for you

    Wanna Play? Yes Wanna DM? Rather not Best day to play: Fri to Sun
    Timezone: GMT+1 Best time to play: Varies
    Games: D&D 3.5e

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