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    Suggestion: Die versus /die

    It seems to me physically rolling the die is actually passed through some sort of physics engine. However /die command causes a random number generator to create a number.

    Before I came to this conclusion I prefered to drag my modifiers to the modifier box and roll the die by hand. Now to prevent "bad streaks" I use the /die command but would prefer a gui solution. So I have given it some thought and it seems to me it would be helpful if the modifier totals in the character sheet were buttons that caused the same effect as dropping it on the modifier box and then rolling the apropriate die. I suppose if this function was included then a selection on the character sheet would be needed for each section to let the system know what the default die is for that section.
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    How about this solution:

    A button that randomly rolls the dice automatically (instead of manually throwing them) with the strength of the roll determined randomly. Sure the physics engine is being used, but now since the strength of the automatic roll is determined randomly you can be assured a random result...

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    That is an interesting approach. Based on your idea here is a simpler one to implement.... I think.

    I would like a way to toggle the physics engine for rolls or a random number generator for rolls.

    But I think you idea would work also I'm just not sure which would be easier to develop. I know they probably aren't thrilled with my paranoia about the physics engine since they put hard work into its realism. I honestly like the visual effect and the way it works I just have noticed I get more even handed results from a random number generator than my rolling. I think one could actually proove my theory with some research. I would start by pointing out how you roll the die is an organic version of the random number generator algorithm. But the facing of the die when you pick it up to roll is equivalent to the seed of that algorithm. In the random number generator it is seeded with some function of time(most likely) and thus more random. However the seed for the organic algorithm is in fact the position of the die in the hand.

    I have noticed this with actual die so obviously the physics engine is fairly replicating the real world. However to combat this issue in real life I use a box and slam the die against the wall. By adding force to the die and increasing the bouncing in 3 dimentions (we only have 2 or a very shallow 3rd in the FG engine) you increase the randomness and thus reduce percived "luck streaks".

    This leads me to 2 other possible solutions, add a larger 3 dimentional aspect to rolling the die, or add the ability to dramatically increase the velocity of the die when tossed. Maybe this should be DM controled feature to force players to roll the die instead of drop it.
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