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Thread: Map Size

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    Map Size

    Quick question: Can you enlarge a map to the size of the entire screen? I couldn't in the demo. Thanx!

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    I think the answer to that is no.

    The map window is of a fixed size but ....

    The amount of data shown inside that window zooms. This is actually rather affective because it allows you to play with the relative scale of your tokens and the map. You can also move your focus through the map and eventually see the whole thing. As Dm you can force the players to focus on what you are focusing on.

    I think there are still some bugs - for one it appears that if the DM minimizes a graphic the players can't scroll through it as well. Last game we had trouble getting the map to share between DM & players.
    The overall affect however is really acceptable when everything works .


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    ya this needs to change so the map window can be resized larger
    those of us that use resolutions larger then 1280x1024 end up with a really small map view.

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    You might be able to make it somewhat bigger, though not as big as the whole screen.

    Hold the cntrl key down while you left click and drag on one of the corners of the map.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd
    I think the answer to that is no
    Bummer. I am looking for an app that allows me to have a master map and then project a players map onto a second screen. I found that I can run both a master and client at the same time and was planning on showing just the client (players map) by extending my screen onto another monitor via MaxiVista. [I am actaully using the second screen as a battle map]. I know that this is a non-traditional use of FG, but it would be better than all other apps if I could just maximize the map. Thanx for the quick responses!

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    I imagine there may be a way to set the max size of the screen (map) but I am not sure how. Don't give up just yet, wait for a response from one of the developers.

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    The maximum window size for images is a matter of the ruleset. The file [Fantasy_Grounds_root]\data\ui_adventure.xml has a tag <maximumsize width="700" height="700" /> under windowclass imagewindow and newimagewindow, which refer to the bitmap images in the images folder and drawings. Modify those numbers to your liking. However, the changes won't take place unless you are working on a custom ruleset (copy the base.xml from d20 ruleset to [Fantasy_Grounds_root]\rulesets\[your_ruleset] and remember to add the
          <acceptfrom ruleset="d20" />
    to the base.xml to preserve compatibility with d20 modules).

    Edit: Also, because the file to be modified is one of the standard files, no modifications to the original ui_adventure.xml will apply. What you need to do, is copy the the ui_adventure.xml file for instance to [Fantasy_Grounds_root]\rulesets\[your_ruleset], do your modifications and change the base.xml
    <includefile source="data\ui_adventure.xml" />
    <includefile source="rulesets\&#91;your_ruleset&#93;\ui_adventure.xml" />

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    Thanx Ged! I have purchased FG and will try coding a bigger map.



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    I made the changes, but the window is still the same size. Here is what I did...

    	<windowclass name="imagewindow">
    		<frame name="imagebox" />
    		<datasource name="image" />
    		<dynamic control="host" />
    		<maximumsize width="1700" height="1700" />
    	<windowclass name="newimagewindow">
    		<frame name="imagebox" />
    		<datasource name="image" />
    		<dynamic control="host" />
    		<defaultsize width="700" height="700" />
    		<maximumsize width="1700" height="1700" />
    I also made a custom ruleset directory and added the altered base.xml to it.

    Any idea what I did wrong?

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    Okay, you are halfway there...

    Just use the ctrl key inside FG while dragging your mouse to get the full size.

    If you want it to automatically be full screen size, then you need to change the <defaultsize> tag.

    Hope this helps,

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    But I'm learning!

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