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Thread: Ruleset Elric!

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    Ruleset Elric!


    i'm working on a french extension for BRP in order to play with Elric! rules.

    Is there anybody interested in a english version ? It just to know if I have to thing about the text labels.

    I have no date but it goes smoothly, here is a sample :

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    I would be interested!

    I currently play GURPS, but would be very interested if it was available.

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    Nice! I loved it hose books back on in early 80s when read 'em.

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    Looks great. Make sure you have permission to use any copyrighted artwork.
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    I hope you're still working on this, your sample looks amazing!

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    in fact, it is finished, tested by a GM, and apparently it works fine

    I can work on the english version if you want, but i have to find/do an simplest artwork because as Vodokar said, i have no permission to distribute it.

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    Wonderful to hear that it's finished! Bummer about the artwork though

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