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    Fantasy Grounds "Visual FAQ" Question 1

    So, how do you use Pin Shortcuts?
    We over at Adventuresome Dreams wanted to offer the Fantasy Grounds community something a little different. In response to a 20 minute video demo of the FG product I did a few months ago, I decided to work on several video "How To's" discussing different functionality found within Fantasy Grounds.

    For this first attempt I took a look at using Pin Shortcuts.

    I have put together a Powerpoint Presentation and separate video discussing the use of Shortcuts, a function added to version 1.5.

    The Visual FAQ is being hosted on my site:

    Please look at the instructions before downloading files (I don't want to reach my transfer limit because people are downloading everything instead of what they really want to see).

    There are two different versions of this 'visual FAQ' that address the topic differently. There is a powerpoint version that has more info but only has screenshots and text. There is a .wmv version that has video and audio, but not as much general info.

    Pay special attention to the powerpoint instructions. If you do not have the latest version of MS-Powerpoint, there is a .wmv version of the powerpoint slideshow available for download as well.

    Feedback is always appreciated. You can post here or in this thread on the AD site.

    If people like this I will continue creating demos such as this. Post in this thread on the AD site if you have an idea for a second topic.
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    Awesome faq! I really like it! This will speed up play immensely Once my player's get round to buying their licenses :P
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