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View Poll Results: What level range would you like for complete FG adventures

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  • Level 1-2

    10 40.00%
  • Level 3-5

    11 44.00%
  • Level 6-8

    1 4.00%
  • Level 9-12

    1 4.00%
  • Level 13+

    2 8.00%
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    Adventures: What level range would you like?

    A question for both DMs and players alike. Please reply with "DM" or "Player" below.
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    I voted for levels 1-2.

    There are two reasons I voted 1-2:
    1. because I like starting at first level with a new character, and
    2. I really want adventures to be strung together.

    By strung together, I like the A1, A2, A3 style of modules/adventures. Where you can pick up from one and move into another. If adventures start with new characters, there is a greater chance that follow up modules will build on that story.


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    As a player and DM I agree with Ramza0Tyr (man you got a hard name to type), but I voted for 3-5 for two reasons:

    it's sometimes hard to develop good first level modules because you can get hamstrung by what the characters can face...

    i'm already working on entry level modules, so if 3-5th level modules are made available that I can fit into my campaign I'd like to see them.
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    My vote also goes to 1-2.

    1. as i'm a beginning user with FG, i can begin slow with the features, and it's easier to learn the program that way (at lvl 10, you have to keep track at alot of info)
    2. i believe there is alot more basic roleplay at lower lvl's.
    3. i think an campaign has to start at the beginning
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    Player + DM

    I like to start in the beginning to help develop a character to it's fullest.

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    I partially agree with Kepli, I like developing my character the maximum amount.

    However, in a 1-off game (just a quick adventure), level 1 or 2 can be a bit restrictive in what the DM can entertain the players with. So I voted 3-5.

    However, if it were available, I'd vote 1-20. I love long running campaigns that span years of IG time, and show the realization of becoming a true hero.

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    It's strange... Lots of people voted 1-2... but even though my adventure is in that level range, I still don't have enough players.

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    I voted for 3-5, I reall ylove taking players from 1-2, but the real fun starts usually around 3 or 4 for me, thats when the story gets going good, the players have all developed strong personalities for their characters, and everyone is 'in the groove'. All in all, makes for a great time.

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    Player because I only got the lite version. I went with 6-8 because I like to see more 'established' PCs with stronger staying power. But still have some room for development.

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    1-10 level

    I'd really like to see cohesion between adventures. Low level adventures should build into upper level adventures.

    Setting pieces without necessary adventures would also be nice. A beautiful graphic and an interesting town\settlement\site would be useful for my other games.


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