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    First Session Reflections

    Well just finished my/our official first session using FG. Had 8 people show up to play, had a great time. Couple of issues with connectivity, and the map mask, as well as the not being able to see text bug, but for my end it was stable, a few others had to do the reconnect dance. All in all I am stoked. For those interested, we had two encounters, one with an ogre, and 6 stirges, and while I wont say combat went quikly, but it went well I thought, a couple a minor rules rumbles but all settled fairly. Im stoked, the process is smooth, and will only get better as I learn to better utilize it. So thanks FG for a good game, keep up the good work. Graiskye
    -Graiskyesfantasyground; central file repository, as well as outlines, guidelines for my FG game. If you want to play, drop by.

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    I was there - I agree

    Thanks Graiskye for a good night.

    Especially as a first night, especially with eight players, it was well done.

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    Learning curve.

    There is a small but definite learning curve with FG. Much of the interface is intuitive, but there are a lot of features that you only learn about by having someone tell you. Last night I couldn't figure out how to get my spells in the spell list on the character sheet. The method is very easy and very useful, but not obvious. Grai did an admirable job of learning on the fly. With 8 (Eight!) players to handle at the same time, it was impressive.

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    Its pretty easy to just start the software and start to play. But there are tricks to making it easier to play!

    Thats why before our first offical game I had several 'pre-games' where I had the players login and play around and we did a mock combat. Went well I thought.


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    When all else fails, read the instructions.

    I'm sheepishly discovering that many of the non-obvious features are actually in the manual.

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